Friday, January 1, 2010

The 12 Highlights (and Lowlights) of 2009

1. Worn a saree for the very first time. Sexy and elegant, yet dangerous. And risky. You will never know when the knot/safety pin on the skirt will fail on you.

2. Attended my first social event. Met lotsa famous bloggers, hugged Kenny Sia and got completely star-struck.

3. Final Year Project. FYP. Done. Finally.

4. Joined Estee Lauder Model Search 2009. Failed to make the cut T_T

5. Graduation trip to amazing Bali.

When H1N1 was on the rise

My first time in a bikini. Felt a lil awkward at first

My first two (really cute) temporary tattoos which looked very real many got fooled.

And I learnt how to surf. Not. That was my first time holding the surfboard

If any of you notice, I had extra help balancing the surfboard, or it would definitely fall on me. Damn heavy ok.

See the little feet peeking out from the bottom? =P

6. Landed on my first job with iCIMB.

7. Convocation – It’s official! I have a scroll!

8. Educational trips and visits around KL. I'm no nerd. It was by peer influence. Hehe.

At Zoo Negara

Me frowning. At Aquaria. I grew to like this pic. Kinda.

My favourite sea creature - The clown fish

VSMU Convocation at Equatorial Hotel

Ampang Lookout Point

9. My first trip to Malacca since I was at most 9 years old.

Melissa, SNien & I at Malacca's famous chicken rice ball

10. Got an extra piercing (upper right ear) just because 2012 was sold out and we had nothing else to do in Mid Valley. Very random kan?

Don't want to gross you out so no photos.

11. Duty calls, so I resigned.

A sweet goodbye note + chocolate from Melissa

12. To celebrate Christmas together - Our tradition since 2006.

The first time I got a kite up high.

This marks the end of 2009. Say hellohh to 2010!

Oh, and before I forget, my 2010's resolution - to be a good girl gone bad :D 

Nah just joking. Hello, 2010!!


Anonymous said...

interesting....good girl gone bad??? hahahaha happy new year!

Anonymous said...

no. 10 = i likey

no. 12 = celebrate with who i wonder. hoho

Ivan Liaw said...

that surf board photo is funny, haha!

and the one u took at aquaria and frowning, looks like vampire ler.
Edward's real sister, haha!

eRiCa said...

haha that's why i don't really like my frowning pics cause i looked extra garang in it. lol