Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hmm. Won't say I'm totally new to this gadget because I had the opportunity to use it to snap many pictures. But the ones I used, weren't mine..






I also want one!! But too expensive broke at the moment =(


mr cekodok said...

hye erica=)
i suggest u buy nikon d3000
around rm2k ONLY

Ivan Liaw said...

lol, pose so cantik but DSLR not yours. haha!

i also want but very poor ler.. T.T

btw, im back. :D

Geek said...

haha it's been awhile since i saw my name here :P

eRiCa said...

cekodok: RM 2k also i have to think over and over again. really broke ar me. haha

ivan: back where? uni? u dun have access to the internet back home izit

geek: haha lol. that's a really old pic i digged up from fb

Ivan Liaw said...

yea, back to UTP.
Kuching got, but im not going back to kuching last sem break.
back to my dad's hometown instead, and no connection coz we seldom go back mar, so no1 use the internet.

so internet line cut oredy lo, last year.

bingwui said...

dun have pic with mine ka.

eRiCa said...

ivan: ooh. where's ur dad's hometown?

bingwui: yalo dun have wor. i cant find it in both my lappie and fb