Thursday, January 28, 2010


This coming Wednesday, dated 3 February 2010..


It probably looks like this

This will be my first time:

- Flying to East Malaysia
- Going on a chopper

- Dressing in coverall and hardhat
- Going offshore!!

I’m so hyped cause this is something very new to me. I’ll probably get sick of travelling and start complaining a few months down the road. LoL.

But, at the meantime, YAY!

Oh and the best part of it, I’m going without an offshore passport cause I got a waiver! But scary also la cause I seriously don’t know what to expect =/

On an extremely random note, here's a picture of us at KLIA, after sending Omar, my Eqyptian friend off..

Sexy Debbie, Innocent Me, Charming John and Poser Adrian



Tze Ling said...

Coverall is annoying to us ladies. U'll knw why when u get to wear it :P. Ur superior reli desperate to send u to offshore till no passport go get waiver, geng haha!

DanY said...

Grats! It looks really interesting and its gonna be something that 99% of the world's population will never see in their entire lifetime, ever! (including me, probably :P)

Have a safe journey babe!

zy said...

cool stuff. Dan, more like 99.9%.

eRiCa said...

tzeling: oh izit? i didn't know -.- but i'm excited all the same. haha ya he wanted me to go to quicken my learning pace kua..stress.

danny: haha get ur ass into o&g industry then! lol thanks. il get some sabah seawater back for u ;)

zy: lol actually, many had been till they get so sick of it..

Wi said...

the chopper part beats everything...!!

Ivan Liaw said...

welcome welcome.. to EAST MALAYSIA!

but where? Sarawak or Sabah?

didi from sarawak ler.. :)

eRiCa said...

wi: haha yupp!! hope i'm allowed to take pics in it ;)

ivan: haha i'm going to sabah offshore this time. next sure go sarawak wan. be patient la. a few more years and ul get to travel as well ;p