Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PIPE 53 - Day 13 and Day 14

From PERMATA to Equatorial Hotel

@ Inner Circle, Lot 10 after night class

Part of the group at hotel lobby

Us, at Lot 10

I had three only ;)

Yep, all the way from Bangi to KL!

The difference between Day 0 and Day 14

Day 0 (PERMATA) - Was slouchy and all but eyes looked alert and energetic.

Day 14 (EQ Hotel) - Better posture but eyes half dead ady.


Josiah & Renae; said...


erica, just wondering, who's that lady beside you?

The one seated on your right in the 4th pic :)

eRiCa said...

oh. that's grace yung. she's a petronas staff as well, based in asian bintulu fertilizer (abf). why ya? looks familiar? hehe

Josiah & Renae; said...

haha that's it! cause i am in abf also, and that's why she looks freaking familiar :D

same office LOL

Ivan Liaw said...

haha.. funny la!