Friday, January 8, 2010

PIPE 53 - Day 3 and Day 4 [UPDATE]

Day 3:

Night classes cancelled so BW came over from Malacca, prime objective was to take pictures of buildings and bridges architecture.

Shy to upload photos from my lousy camera here (except one which I think it's fairly okay) and no photos from the DSLR yet.

Not bad right? Just don't zoom in to see all the noise, please. Hehe.

More photos up when I get pics from the DSLR.


Below are some photos from DSLR. More in Facebook.

By the lake

The first bridge we went

This was taken at the second bridge

Ministry of Finance. Breathtakingly amazing

Here comes the vain part of me. I think the two photos taken at the Manhattan Fish Market, Alamanda really nice so.. ;)

I got bad skin so kindly do not zoom in.

Day 4:

There's this really fun activity we had - To build PETRONAS Twin Tower out of cute little magnet LEGO-ish toy. There were two groups, so each had to build one tower and half of the sky bridge and later combine them.

In progress

Quite fun, although my group's tower collapsed at the very last minute BEFORE JUDGING due to a natural disaster - "table quake"



Anonymous said...

u and doc back together? congratsss!

eRiCa said...

erm. nope. just friends. hehe