Thursday, January 14, 2010

PIPE 53 - Day 9 and Day 10

The main highlight of this induction programme - Mega Challenge.

It's basically liddis:

4 teams, 80 people

6 tents

Each can fit at most 4 people. So how did the rest of us survive the night?

Sleep on the wet grass lor. The spread out sleeping bag in the middle's mine. Since the grass was wet and the sleeping bag is non waterproof, we had to use layers of mats.

Poor Danny had to sleep on the wet grass because we ran out of mats. It was a cold night, too.

8 oil rigs with helipads to build

The process of building it in the middle of the night. I didn't help in building it. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Hehe.

Upon completion. This is one of the 8 platforms. 6 of them can sustain 20 kgs, 1 managed to support 30 kgs and the other one successfully held 40 kgs. Good job, everyone.

As for those who weren't involve in building the platforms, apart from helping with the collected samples..

Random chats.



Pardon our messy and worn out look. No thanks to the periodic drill call, even during wee hours. Can't remember how many times I was woken up and had to run to the middle of the field, groggily. Ugh.

Limited food

Loafs of bread, cans of sardines, and eggs and apples as our only food supply,

Oh. Not to forget..

Infinite insects and bugs

For some odd reasons, those bugs were attracted to me and now my hands and legs looked like I just had chicken pox T.T


After our camping challenge, we had to complete two game challenges. Completing the two before our little camping trip wasn't too bad but doing it after camping under the freaking hot sun when we were all hungry, tired and sleepy, not a good idea =/

Reason being..

I almost fainted after completing one. I had to skip the other challenge.

Now, who said this is fun?


Overcomer said...

Erica..u almost fainted..but you still got time to blog...wakakkakaka

KV said...

Eh, Mega Challenge was one of the best things from PIPE!

eRiCa said...


i have to disagree with