Friday, January 15, 2010

Me, The Ghost in Ju-On?!

Shea Teng commented on FB I resembled a character in the latest Ju-On sequel - White Ghost and Black Ghost.

I thought it's a spam or some automated FB virus or something but I replied anyway. Turned out..

I get that a lot you know, which, the recent ones are:

Danny: You have that natural half-cynical look on your face (which made him afraid to approach me on the first two days of PIPE)

Wei Shen: (In his normal voice to a friend seated right beside me) She has a very garang look.

The funny thing is, the people closer to me in this PIPE thingy i.e. Grace and Khus (my roommate here) don't think so.

Do I really look that serious most of the time, if not all? =/

Btw, here's the picture from the said link:

I think can get nightmare ar -_-


Anonymous said...

that picture is f.r.e.a.k.y.!


Charles T said...

WAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good one.. but ur eyes are more kuyu :P

wmswm said...


Ivan Liaw said...

ei? why got chinese word geh?

that's you rite?

ha.. see, ppl say u dy. that's why we scared to approach you lo last time....


eRiCa said...

anonymous: i agree =.=

charles: my eyes not kuyu all the time it?

safwan: same as in..u also can get nightmare or u share the same opinion as my friend? -.-

ivan: that's a printscreen from the movie with chinese subtitles i think. oi that's not me lorrrrrr. i don't look that scary lorrrrrrrr =( see la now that u know i'm so nice, regret or not for not saying hie last time? =P

Charles T said...

LOLZ~ if u want my opinion, that would be almost all the time whenever ur not posing for a photo *big grin* wakaka!!

eRiCa said...

-___-" don have lorrr. kuyu cause i have to squint cause seldom wear contacts/glasses.

check this out:

i wasn't posing for a photo but eyes not kuyu pun.