Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy CNY '10!

Before I bore you with the same ol "Happy CNY" *throws confetti* plus dong dong chiangs, look what I have here!

Ahem. Valentine's day's around the corner so .. take a guess on what's in it and what it's for!



Don't ask me what it means I don't know how to read.

Ok time to sleep! Goodnight, bb!


Tze Ling said...

I'm guessing it's either a bracelet/necklace/earrings fr a guy to u. Impossible u buying Tiffany & Co. for a guy haha! Am I rite?

eRiCa said...

hahaha u got it right. not possible at all for me to get something from tiff and co for a guy. but anyway, it's a bracelet. lol

Ivan Liaw said...

oik? im more interested to know it's for who wor... jengjeng!

i got onot? XD

happy cny and happy valentine's day!