Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blackberry Bold 9700!!

A friend of mine signed up for a Celcom voice + data package and got a Blackberry Bold 9700 for about RM 1100 .. I think.

A week later, which was today, he told me he planned to sell that phone and get an iPhone instead.

His reasons? BB features are too complicated, keypads too tiny and difficult to press, and the trackpad is a lil too sensitive and hard to navigate.

I agree on that as well, especially on the micro-mini keypads. He text me a while ago, and apparently, he's thinking of selling it to me for the price of RM 800.

BB Bold for RM 800. No contract whatsoever.


I want, I want!

He's trying to settle the contract with Celcom at the moment, maybe he wants to negotiate a deal to get an iPhone or something. I don't know but let's keep our fingers crossed that:

1. He WILL sell that 1-week baby to ME!! :)
2. It's not an April Fool's joke. I'm so gonna skin him alive if he tries to play a prank of me. Got me so excited for nothing.

P/S: Upon typing this, I started to smell something fishy ady. Will call him later to scare him a bit. Ish.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Sometimes I think I look good .. like this!

I think I look great here, thanks to the dreamy look. I like! :)

But sometimes I think I'm so aged I couldn't recognize myself. No pictures, cause really quite horrible can give nightmare that kind =/

Conclusion? Looks do not last so stop being so shallow!!

Random ramblings. Dunno why so emo. Maybe cos got breakouts (read previous entry). Or maybe cause not feeling well so extra emo. Hmph.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Sunday

1. Woke up at 10 am when my alarm went off at 8 am. Imagine the countless times I hit snooze. 

2. The first thing I did - Not berus gigi, not mandi, but turned on my lappie and online. Addicted me.

3. Scanned a brochure on the tourist places in Kota Kinabalu. Going there this April! Can't wait, can't wait!

4. Friend ajak go Low Yat to check out some gadgets.

5. I was quite happy cause I finally bought a 250 GB Seagate hard disk drive for RM 175, and found out that:

- A Blackberry Storm costs only RM 1150,
- A Blackberry Storm 2 costs only RM 1550 ..
- AND, DiGi data plan is as low as RM 55 (or was it RM 58) a mth for unlimited data usage.


My new baby :)

I don't want iPhone ady. I want BB Storm!! That will be my next baby!

6. Reached home then emo a bit cause got breakouts :(


7. Roommate came back with newly bought clothes, so we had a short fashion show and parading around. So fun :) Too bad can't upload pictures cause not my clothes, kan?

8. Talked to friends about Davin & Michelle's wedding this May at Kluang - Transportation, accomodation etc. Thought of asking Mich if it's okay to bring a friend along :)

9. He called from Aus. Despite the fact that I'm okay with his frequent travelling, sometimes I do wish he were here :)

10. Lastly, back to work tomorrow! Must sound motivated to be motivated! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Layout

A fresh new look for my blog. What do you guys think? Better than the previous? Too emo or not ar?

For the noobs (just like me) out there, this site is definitely your magic wand! :)

FB Friend Request

The Facebook (hereinafter "FB") community is growing faster than the technology it felt like just yesterday when I was forced to sign up for it.

My FB profile is pretty active, with lots of picture albums, blog posts, and other nonsense stuff. I begin to enjoy FB-ing only after about 3 months into it. It's way better than Friendster I bet all of you agree with me on this :)

The only thing which baffles me is the amount of friend requests I've been getting. I had to clear them half yearly only to see the number accumulates again =.=

304 friend requests at the moment 0.o

The thing is .. I don't know you and I don't play any of those FB games so for whatever reason you people add random strangers, keep me out of the loop!

Oh btw ..

I'm among the lucky 400 to be invited to the Gastby Deodorant Street Fair this 17 April!! :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

12-Inch Man

Just to share a hilarious joke!


One evening a drunk walks into a bar, sits down, and happens to notice a 12 inch tall man standing a few feet away from him.

Astonished, the man asks the guy next to him: "What the hell is that?"

The guy replies: "He's a pianist!"

"No way," the drunk says: "you’re pulling my leg"

So the guy next to him picks up the 12-inch man, grabs some books, and props the little man up to the piano. Sure enough, this little man starts hammering out all the favorite tunes of the bars' patrons.

"That guy is great," the drunk says: "Where did you get him"?

The man told the drunk how he had found a genie bottle out in the alley, rubbed it until a genie appeared, and was granted one wish.

Inspired by the story, the drunk runs out the back door, finds the bottle, and starts rubbing it. When the genie finally pops out the drunk says: "I wish for a million bucks". All of a sudden, the sky turns black and overhead a million ducks come flying overhead crapping all over him. Angrily, the drunk runs back inside, slams the door and begins cursing.

"You bastard," he says: "I found that genie bottle and wished for a million bucks and all of a sudden a million ducks appeared and started crapping all over my new suit."

The man started laughing and wildly exclaimed: "You don't really think I wished for a 12-inch pianist do you?"


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Have you ever experienced a fear so great you want to take many steps back in making the one yes/no decision, although you're pretty sure it's a yes?

I have.

Why the fear, I don't really know. Maybe my past played a part, or maybe it was the lack of self-confidence.

Life's all about making decisions. Whether or not it is the wise/correct decision, you can never tell at that point of time.


Would you want to be happy with me for a long term?



Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Bet most of you are wondering. Erica? Gatsby? =/

Yes, Gatsby is a popular men products brand which is well-liked and opted by men, but not to forget, women too i.e. ME! otherwise I won't be posting this entry, right? :)

Anyway, this event, the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair, is brought to all of us by GATSBY, of course, and NUFFNANG!

So please save this date and time in your calendar/organizer/blackberry/iPhone/any effective reminder:

Date: 17 APRIL 2010
Time: 10 AM till 5 PM

This event holds many exciting, amusing and addictive fun-fair games NOT to be missed i.e. sumo wrestling in air bag suits, gladiator battles and many others. I mean, come on. When was the last time you step into a fun fair with such interesting games? Sumo wrestling in air bag suits? I know I haven't!

AND, it's gonna be a promising event because there will be LUCKY DRAWS, which, you could probably walk away with one of the various cool gadgets, all worth up to RM 15,000 up for grabs!

For more detailed info on the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair, click here!

Just in case you need directions to the venue, here's the map:

Berjaya Times Square is within walking distance (approx. 5 minutes) from
Hang Tuah
Imbi Monorail station.

From STAR Line, transit at Hang Tuah to get to the monorail.
From PUTRA Line, just make a transit at Masjid Jamek LRT station to get to the STAR Line and then transit at Hang Tuah to get to the monorail.

If you're still afraid of getting lost, or if your sense of direction is as bad as mine, just hail a taxi and it will get you right at the mall entrance ;)

It's gonna be a whole load of fun for people from all age groups! Come, come and join in the fun with Gatsby, Nuffang and not to forget, yours truly! :)

P/S: I'm still not over the embarrassment from the blunder(s) I made yesterday =.=

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blunders .. Again?

The latest addition(s) to my list of blunders made in the year 2010.

It was after cell group on a Friday when we decided to go for supper somewhere in PJ. I have no idea which part of PJ but that's not the point, really.

Blunder #1

John Gan (JG) motioned his injured palm and said he was careless while fencing. The first thing which came to my mind was this:

I thought he installed/repaired his own fence around his house .. or something similar.

Then, the conversation below took place..


John Emmanuel (JE): How much do you pay for your fencing session a month?

JG: RM 70 a month.

Me, with a damn blur look on my face, wondered since when monthly maintenance cost was required to get a fence done ..

JE (after noticing my super lost look) decided to be sarcastic:

JE: Yeah. You know, the fence around the house? JG snapped a wire on his palm when he was setting it up.

Me: Ohhhhh I see, I see .. (I think the blur look was still there)

JG: OMG Erica!! You actually thought fencing, as in literally fencing?!? (Obviously shocked but definitely amused)

Me: Errrr .. (Blur habis don't know what to say)


While I thought fencing was .. literally fencing, this was what they were talking about.

The "fencing" which comes with "maintenance cost"


Blunder #2

At the same place, minutes after blunder #1 took place ..


Korean dude, Sung Ho (SH): Where are u staying?

Me: SS3, very near only. John (JE) and I are staying in the same house.

SH: Oh, boyfriend?

Me: Yes, yes.

SH: Ahhhhh ..

JE: *snickers




Me: EH NO! NO! NOT BOYFRIEND! (Panic state)


Conclusion: I think my work load's taking a toll on me. I'm usually not this blur!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Matta Fair '10

Main objective was to check if there were any good deals on return flight tickets to London/Manchester to attend bro's graduation this November. Excited, excited!

As expected, PWTC was jam packed with people. I just didn't know I would get irritated (slightly only) by the crowd =/ Fuse getting shorter.

The cheapest air fare we could get was by Etihad Airways, which offered about RM 3043 for a return flight to London in November 2010. Or was it Manchester. Forgot d. Damn expensive sial. Apparently it would cost about RM 4k without promotion. Still .. RM 3k just for flight tickets. So broke :(

We checked out several air fare packages to KK as well since I will be going there on my birthday weekend. Sponsored. Whee~

Anyway, in the midst of me getting slightly irritated by the crowd, I was impressed by an art performance by a group of Koreans.

The impressed audience

After that my mood was perfectly fine again. A good distraction, no? :)

I should avoid places like this next time. Now teringin-ingin wanna go to HK Disneyland. And Hawaii. And Japan. And Bora Bora *hint hint hint :)

On our way out of the building also packed. Bleh.

As for now, I'm off to Bintulu & Kuching. BB!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Slept at 3 am and was almost late to work if John didn’t wake me up. Oh I set a record today. For someone who usually needs an hour to get ready for work (I wake up at 6 am on every working day), today, I woke up at 6.50 am, showered, washed face, etc and reached LRT by 7.25 am. My personal best.

Despite my lack of sleep hangover, I had a pleasant surprise today when my interviewer from Halliburton was in KLCC, at the level I was stationed at, walked right past me and could recognize me still when I had absolutely no idea who he was when he greeted me.

Took me about 5 – 10 seconds to process, which I bet I had this damn blur look on my face.

A few months ago I attended this interview for a Real Time Operations (RTO) Engineer position in Halliburton, whereby I did a short presentation on RTO and the technology applications behind it. I THINK I did okay but I didn’t get the job. Not because I wasn’t good enough, for my interviewer commented this after I complimented on his fantastic memory (He remembered my background and personal details really well):

“I remember great people like you”

:D :D :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tamarind Hill



Food. And most importantly, the company.

All these to make up for a Valentine's dinner.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just realized it's been a while since I last posted an entry here. Loads happened. They came and left. Quite relieved they were mostly positive. As for the not so positive ones, they were at least for the better. Blessings in disguise, kan? Hehe.

So I've been running around, going places, exposing my taste buds to a variety of new stuff, catching up on new movies in the cinema and well..just doing my thing.


First update - Port Dickson!


Our first beach spot. John the cameraman MIA in this pic

Dirty sea water. Ew.

Love this shot!

The beach babes

The "Jason Mraz"

The "suicidal". LoL

The *cough* perasan *cough cough* dude

This is a great shot. The next ManHunt of the year!

The main (and cutest) attraction of the trip

So, RM 2k+ on a sleek 16G iPhone 3Gs or a super cute toy poodle?

Our 2nd beach destination, which was WAY better than the first

The housemates

The cute couple

The beautiful sunset

The group

Us, right before we left

erica-t *loves loves


Next, "Valentine's Day" the movie.

Movie critics were pretty harsh on this movie but seriously, I find it really humorous and well arranged. Although Taylor Swift's role can be a lil annoying cause she played a dumb blonde so she WAS supposed to be annoying. Should I say well done to that acting chops? :)

I'd give Julia Roberts a standing ovation for that acting skill of hers. She played a so well her facial expression and features all showed hardships. Very convincing.

As for the other A-list actors and actresses, they are okay. None really stood out in their little 5 min appearance in the movie. Oh. Except for Ashton Kutcher. Loved his blur straight face.

After movie - Charles and his USUAL crazy antics


One of the days this week, I was brought to a famous chilli pan mee shop in PJ for dinner.

This plus..


Equals this!


I dumped too much chilli I started tearing after my 2nd mouthful but it was really nice that despite all the spice I managed to finished it. Yums!


Was at A&W for lunch with Q today when a deaf and dumb guy approached our table. Being a nice, generous person etc etc etc and all, I purchased this cute little thing for RM 10.

I hang it on my Coach wristlet. Nice right? :)


One colleague surprised me with a peck on the lip. I was stunned.


This entry's long and INTERESTING enough, I hope, to compensate the days/weeks I failed to update kan kan? :)

Oh. Final one. From now on till the near future, no more emo posts on relationships. I hope it will stay that way :) :)

P/S: Guys can be real dense at times. Tsk tsk.