Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blackberry Bold 9700!!

A friend of mine signed up for a Celcom voice + data package and got a Blackberry Bold 9700 for about RM 1100 .. I think.

A week later, which was today, he told me he planned to sell that phone and get an iPhone instead.

His reasons? BB features are too complicated, keypads too tiny and difficult to press, and the trackpad is a lil too sensitive and hard to navigate.

I agree on that as well, especially on the micro-mini keypads. He text me a while ago, and apparently, he's thinking of selling it to me for the price of RM 800.

BB Bold for RM 800. No contract whatsoever.


I want, I want!

He's trying to settle the contract with Celcom at the moment, maybe he wants to negotiate a deal to get an iPhone or something. I don't know but let's keep our fingers crossed that:

1. He WILL sell that 1-week baby to ME!! :)
2. It's not an April Fool's joke. I'm so gonna skin him alive if he tries to play a prank of me. Got me so excited for nothing.

P/S: Upon typing this, I started to smell something fishy ady. Will call him later to scare him a bit. Ish.


Woebegone Cher said...


Charles T said...

if you should know, i play a big part in this.. i actually asked him to tell u once i found out that he fell in love with iPhone :P (bcz myself and the guy near his cubicle kept OooOOooo and AaaaAAahh with our iPhones) mwahahaha!!!

Wi said...

bidding war starts..i give rm850