Friday, March 19, 2010

Blunders .. Again?

The latest addition(s) to my list of blunders made in the year 2010.

It was after cell group on a Friday when we decided to go for supper somewhere in PJ. I have no idea which part of PJ but that's not the point, really.

Blunder #1

John Gan (JG) motioned his injured palm and said he was careless while fencing. The first thing which came to my mind was this:

I thought he installed/repaired his own fence around his house .. or something similar.

Then, the conversation below took place..


John Emmanuel (JE): How much do you pay for your fencing session a month?

JG: RM 70 a month.

Me, with a damn blur look on my face, wondered since when monthly maintenance cost was required to get a fence done ..

JE (after noticing my super lost look) decided to be sarcastic:

JE: Yeah. You know, the fence around the house? JG snapped a wire on his palm when he was setting it up.

Me: Ohhhhh I see, I see .. (I think the blur look was still there)

JG: OMG Erica!! You actually thought fencing, as in literally fencing?!? (Obviously shocked but definitely amused)

Me: Errrr .. (Blur habis don't know what to say)


While I thought fencing was .. literally fencing, this was what they were talking about.

The "fencing" which comes with "maintenance cost"


Blunder #2

At the same place, minutes after blunder #1 took place ..


Korean dude, Sung Ho (SH): Where are u staying?

Me: SS3, very near only. John (JE) and I are staying in the same house.

SH: Oh, boyfriend?

Me: Yes, yes.

SH: Ahhhhh ..

JE: *snickers




Me: EH NO! NO! NOT BOYFRIEND! (Panic state)


Conclusion: I think my work load's taking a toll on me. I'm usually not this blur!


Used furniture seller said...

didnt know fencing was maintenance cost :)

diane said...

hehehe yes u are...blur erica~ :D

Jong said...


Joseph Poh said...

lol..reading it made a good start for my saturday morning...haha!!

Tze Ling said...

hahaha, this is it, the typical erica!! seems like u r more blur than me dy :P