Saturday, March 27, 2010

FB Friend Request

The Facebook (hereinafter "FB") community is growing faster than the technology it felt like just yesterday when I was forced to sign up for it.

My FB profile is pretty active, with lots of picture albums, blog posts, and other nonsense stuff. I begin to enjoy FB-ing only after about 3 months into it. It's way better than Friendster I bet all of you agree with me on this :)

The only thing which baffles me is the amount of friend requests I've been getting. I had to clear them half yearly only to see the number accumulates again =.=

304 friend requests at the moment 0.o

The thing is .. I don't know you and I don't play any of those FB games so for whatever reason you people add random strangers, keep me out of the loop!

Oh btw ..

I'm among the lucky 400 to be invited to the Gastby Deodorant Street Fair this 17 April!! :D


Anonymous said...

famous is like that wan

fiona06 said...

I'm also going 2 d Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair, hi5!

Yea, I tend to wonder why those people like 2 add people without knowing them

Anonymous said...

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