Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Sunday

1. Woke up at 10 am when my alarm went off at 8 am. Imagine the countless times I hit snooze. 

2. The first thing I did - Not berus gigi, not mandi, but turned on my lappie and online. Addicted me.

3. Scanned a brochure on the tourist places in Kota Kinabalu. Going there this April! Can't wait, can't wait!

4. Friend ajak go Low Yat to check out some gadgets.

5. I was quite happy cause I finally bought a 250 GB Seagate hard disk drive for RM 175, and found out that:

- A Blackberry Storm costs only RM 1150,
- A Blackberry Storm 2 costs only RM 1550 ..
- AND, DiGi data plan is as low as RM 55 (or was it RM 58) a mth for unlimited data usage.


My new baby :)

I don't want iPhone ady. I want BB Storm!! That will be my next baby!

6. Reached home then emo a bit cause got breakouts :(


7. Roommate came back with newly bought clothes, so we had a short fashion show and parading around. So fun :) Too bad can't upload pictures cause not my clothes, kan?

8. Talked to friends about Davin & Michelle's wedding this May at Kluang - Transportation, accomodation etc. Thought of asking Mich if it's okay to bring a friend along :)

9. He called from Aus. Despite the fact that I'm okay with his frequent travelling, sometimes I do wish he were here :)

10. Lastly, back to work tomorrow! Must sound motivated to be motivated! :)


JLean said...

Checking out ere. =)

sion said...

Nanged X)

Ken Wooi said...

last time i bought 80gb for rm250.. lol.. but now externals are getting cheaper and cheaper =)

aReaL said...

i buy 1gb thumb drive at RM120.. But Its 5 years ago.. hehe

diane said...

eeeeeee.......i wanna have a fashion show too... :(