Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just realized it's been a while since I last posted an entry here. Loads happened. They came and left. Quite relieved they were mostly positive. As for the not so positive ones, they were at least for the better. Blessings in disguise, kan? Hehe.

So I've been running around, going places, exposing my taste buds to a variety of new stuff, catching up on new movies in the cinema and well..just doing my thing.


First update - Port Dickson!


Our first beach spot. John the cameraman MIA in this pic

Dirty sea water. Ew.

Love this shot!

The beach babes

The "Jason Mraz"

The "suicidal". LoL

The *cough* perasan *cough cough* dude

This is a great shot. The next ManHunt of the year!

The main (and cutest) attraction of the trip

So, RM 2k+ on a sleek 16G iPhone 3Gs or a super cute toy poodle?

Our 2nd beach destination, which was WAY better than the first

The housemates

The cute couple

The beautiful sunset

The group

Us, right before we left

erica-t *loves loves


Next, "Valentine's Day" the movie.

Movie critics were pretty harsh on this movie but seriously, I find it really humorous and well arranged. Although Taylor Swift's role can be a lil annoying cause she played a dumb blonde so she WAS supposed to be annoying. Should I say well done to that acting chops? :)

I'd give Julia Roberts a standing ovation for that acting skill of hers. She played a so well her facial expression and features all showed hardships. Very convincing.

As for the other A-list actors and actresses, they are okay. None really stood out in their little 5 min appearance in the movie. Oh. Except for Ashton Kutcher. Loved his blur straight face.

After movie - Charles and his USUAL crazy antics


One of the days this week, I was brought to a famous chilli pan mee shop in PJ for dinner.

This plus..


Equals this!


I dumped too much chilli I started tearing after my 2nd mouthful but it was really nice that despite all the spice I managed to finished it. Yums!


Was at A&W for lunch with Q today when a deaf and dumb guy approached our table. Being a nice, generous person etc etc etc and all, I purchased this cute little thing for RM 10.

I hang it on my Coach wristlet. Nice right? :)


One colleague surprised me with a peck on the lip. I was stunned.


This entry's long and INTERESTING enough, I hope, to compensate the days/weeks I failed to update kan kan? :)

Oh. Final one. From now on till the near future, no more emo posts on relationships. I hope it will stay that way :) :)

P/S: Guys can be real dense at times. Tsk tsk.


someone but who said...

hie Erica...
which peejay area u got the chilli pan mee?
its definitely not the kinkin pan mee shop right?
i tried to duplicate the texture of the pan mee once after i ate it at kinkin pan mee shop,but to my dismay,it dint turned out to be the same.
so i wud love to know the one in peejay,wanna go there
*see any opportunities to "steal" their techniques

Anonymous said...

was the colleague who gav u a "peck" guy or gal?..hahaha
btw when u r coming back to giv me my chocolates??

eRiCa said...

someone: haha which area ar? this, i need to check with my friend who brought me there. lol i'm not very familiar with PJ area yet. will get back to u soon :)

anonymous: uih. if cos guy. if girl i damn geli wei. lol u remained anonymous how i know who u are how to give u? lol