Friday, April 30, 2010

"High Flyer" Me

I've been so busy flying around travelling here there I hardly have any time to sit and write a proper blog entry.

Early this month, I went for a short holiday at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Immediately after the trip, which was in mid April already, I had to fly to Miri, Sarawak for one day to attend a business meeting.

And, I just got back from a 2-day workshop in Miri. My flight home was a horrible one. First of all, I had totally forgotten it was a transit flight which transits at Kuching. Then, the landing at KLIA was soooooo hard and rough I thought the plane crashed. And, as if it's not bad enough, we had to wait for almost an hour to retrieve our check-in luggage because the staff had mistakenly sent it to the wrong belt. All in all, my Miri - KL flight took 5 hours.

But it was one of the many fun trips where I indulged myself in seafood, seafood and more seafood!

Tomorrow, I'm going to Kluang to attend a wedding. The first couple in UTP batch July 2004 to get married! I love weddings!

On the 6th of May, I'm going to Kemaman, Terengganu for another business trip.

9th - 12th of May, I am flying to Miri and Bintulu for yet another business meeting.

High flyer eh. LoL. Pun intended :)

I just recuperated by resting through the night for at least 12 hours

Saturday, April 24, 2010

iPhone 3GS vs BB Bold 9700

iPhone 3GS

This new baby is undoubtedly people's favourite amongst all the other smartphones i.e. Blackberry and HTC. Standing at a height of 4.5 inches, 2.4 inches in width and weighing only 135 grams, it comes in black and white, with a given choice of 16GB and 32 GB phone capacity.

Equipped with an upgraded auto-focus 3 MP camera with video recording functions, the iPhone 3GS is a full touch screen smartphone.

Currently priced at MYR 2450 for the device itself, I couldn't afford it with my very little savings each month. All I could do is to envy and ooohs and ahhhs at my friends' iPhones. Sigh.

Plus, I already have the iPod Touch, which is very much similar to the iPhone, minus the phone call and text functions.

Pictures stolen from iPhone official webpage.

Blackberry Bold 9700

This little baby also costs a bomb. MYR 2k for the device okay! Want me to die meh.

Just as I was about to give up on getting a new phone, get a Lumix LX3 semipro camera instead and make do with my old SE K750i phone, a friend of mine offered to sell his 3-day old Blackberry (hereinafter "BB") Bold 9700 for just MYR 800. Read here.

It was a damn good offer so what the heck, right? I snapped it up despite not loving the miniature QWERTY keyboard and the missing touch screen feature.

The grand, business-like toy stands at 4.29 inches with a width of 2.36 inches and weighs just 122 grams. Built with the 3G technology and really cool trackpad navigation, this BB model comes with a 3.2 MP built-in camera with video recording function.

Nyahaha iPhone 3GS, you lose! :P

Note than it's smaller and lighter than the iPhone 3GS <--- Just to coax myself :D

Oh yah. BB's battery has a longer lifespan as compared to the iPhone, too. See. BB's not that bad after all! :)

Pictures stolen from BB official webpage.

But honestly, after using it for close to a month, I'm beginning to like it!! Honest remark ok! :P

iPhone 3GS vs BB Bold 9700

My poor lil BB's sandwiched in between Charles and John's iPhone 3GS.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Grand Opening of MILK


2100 hours 22 April - 0300 hours 23 April 2010


MILK, Bangsar Avenue

What is it about?

After so many months of impatient anticipation, it is finally coming! MILK is opening its doors to all. With this, it's bound to be the next glam club.

Why you should be there

There will be performances by extravagant Milk Dancers alongside with A-ROX DVJ set. Not to forget, finger food and drinks will be served too.


Smart casual with a dash of RED.


Admission before 2300 hours is for the VIPs only. It will be opened to public after that, with a cover charge (including a drink) of RM 30 and RM 40 for ladies and men, respectively.


ONLY for ladies age 21 and above and men age 23 and above are allowed to be part of its grand opening.


Will I be going?

YES, I WILL! In fact, I was invited as a VIP to the grand opening of MILK, which simply means, I will be there from 2100 hours onwards! Whee~


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hush Puppy, Yes?

A friend offered to give away one of his HushPuppy's puppies, probably because he knew how smitten I was with Deb's toy poodle.

So now what? Baby HushPuppy for free (but later on my monthly expenses are gonna rise like crazy) ..

or no cute puppy? :(

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My 2nd Nuffnang Event!

Since I can bring a friend with me, I invited YHsin, who invited me to an event - I'm A Standout In Life - organized by Nuffang and Tiger Beer on the 6th of June 2009.

YHsin blogged about the event BUT he didn't enable archiving in his blog and I really didn't want to hunt for the entry page by page so .. the blame's on him! :)

We reached Imbi Monorail pretty early. None of us knew how long the journey would be so we left Tmn Bahagia LRT at 0835 hours. Damn early or what. Both noob.

But we wasted a good 5 minutes or so searching for a sign showing "Berjaya Times Square" because none of us knew Times Square was attached to the monorail station. Memang noob -_-

A little boy playing with a DSLR. Envious. I also want!

All bloggers had to change into the given t-shirt, which, the smallest size was a lil too big for me it made my outfit looked baggy.

Here's a pic before I changed.

A pic with YHsin.

A pic with the face of Gatsby. TAKUYA KIMURA's so cute!!!!!!1111oneone.

And here's a pic after I changed. See, I improvised on the way I wear the it. Better kan? :)

The bloggers, myself and YHsin included, on our way for a group photoshoot, which was aimed to set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Gathering of Bloggers.

Picture courtesy of a blogger, Aidi Safuan.

Apparently, the final number of bloggers who participated in this attempt was 518, and a record was set!

So, what exactly were we doing there? We were there .. to play games!


Bull-fight (or whatever it was called)

Rock climbing

This was the most interesting game, to me. We had to topple each other to win points. Guess who was the last man standing?


ME!! :D Too happy ady I looked damn sohai here.

The trick was not to tire yourself out by swinging and whacking the ballooned weapon at the opponent, but to poke at the his/her midsection, causing imbalance and poke again and again AND AGAIN to win the game!


Our collected points, majorly contributed by YHsin. We traded the points for a hair gel, hair spray, mini hair gel (travel pack), facial blotter and facial wipes. Forgot to take photos of our goodies :(

Him, plotting an evil plan on how to be more vain than he already is, with the newly acquired hair products.

Me, admiring one of the guy models.

The one motivation which made us camped at Times Square for 9 hours - LUCKY DRAW. Among the prizes to be won were Blackberry Bold 9700, Canon Ixus camera and Acer lappie.

YHsin targeted the BB/lappie/hard disk while I targeted the lappie/camera but .. guess we weren't lucky that day, unlike this lucky dude, Aidi Safuan, who won a BB Bold 9700 :(

But I know I had fun, although my feet's killing me from all the standing and walking and hardly any resting. Too addicted to the games ady. LoL.

Hilarious Video!

Watch here.

I've never seen/heard students' feedbacks on lecturers this hilarious. This made me wonder if UTP lecturers had experienced this. LoL!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gatsby (and my RM 50!)

To the lucky 400 both nuffnangers and non-nuffangers, myself included..


To know more about the event, click here!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm All Smiles :)

Remember this entry?

It turns out that, the phone was actually 3 days old only (not a week plus).

AND, best of all, it's not an April Fool's joke.

This BB's MINE!! Muahaha! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buli Bah Kalau Kou Ging

My four days in KK had been so much fun I felt it was a lil too short. Don’t know about the host and hostess though, considering we messed their place up and made full use of their hospitality I bet they fell flat on the bed with sighs of relief once we’re gone.

I’m kidding.

PrettyBoi and QQ. They were probably one of the most gracious (and loving) host couple I’ve ever met. At times they could be too nice I felt a lil guilty troubling them.

BB and I arrived in KK at the stroke of midnight. PrettyBoi had to stay up to pick us from the airport.


Day 1 started off with me having trouble dragging myself out of the bed at 6 am (I slept at about 2 am the night before). The main highlights of the day were two islands – The Mamutik Island and the Manukan Island.

Being tourists didn’t leave us with much choice but to reluctantly pay for the heavily charged transportation + water sports + snorkeling gears package. One round of banana boat and parasailing was RM 40 and RM 100, respectively. Crazy right? PrettyBoi and QQ managed to get RM 15 discounted per person for banana boat (still cut throat) and so we decided to abandon parasailing.

The Mamutik Island was less commercialized, and had cleaner beach and clearer sea water as compared to the Manukan Island. We snorkeled at the former and did water sport at the latter. Not to forget appreciating the picturesque view by capturing them through the camera lense. Too bad no DSLR.

Let me share our banana boat ride experience.

This was when we were still kinda dry.

The first boat jerk sent BB and I flying into the sea while PrettyBoi and QQ remained intact on the boat.

The second jerk. Only BB got thrown into the water. LoL.

The third and final one. All of us ended up drinking sea water. I fell onto BB, my knee hit his forehead while something hit QQ. Must be PrettyBoi. Quite funny.

Oh by the way, the cute lil colourful harmless looking fish at the Mamutik Island were a bit aggressive. I had a few scratch marks on both my legs :( They must have mistaken them for bread crumbs.


(I had to lug myself off the bed at 6 am again)

Our first stop once we reached the highlands was the Kundasang War Memorial. The temperature there was comparable to Genting Highlands, or higher.

They had very pretty greenery all around, newspaper cuttings to tell the story, memorial stones and not to forget, witty signboards to help preserve the place!

Bollywood inspired. A very predictable picture shot :)

My favourite pic.

This was taken on our way to the next destination – Sucker fish @ Ikan tagal feeding. I got so tanned after our lil island trip.

I really don’t know what’s with the creatures in Sabah. The huge, ugly looking intimidating creatures were the tame ones while smaller and cuter ones bite! I kicked the smaller ones away and called them sucker fish because they suck when they eat and they actually sucked because they bit me!

It was an indeed an experience. Hardly get to see such creatures around. You only get to see the much tinier version if you visit Kenko Fish Spa at the malls.

I shared two different videos on my previous blog entry and on Facebook. Check them out.

Our next stop. The fresh-fertilizer-smelled cow farm.

The place is so country-like with cooling breeze every now and then I wish the smell wasn’t that bad or I would have loved the place even more :)

And, if only the corroded metal fence was replaced with some nicer looking wooden ones, we could fool ppl by claiming we went to New Zealand. LoL.

We bought a box of goat milk, cow milk and chocolate cow milk. Mind you, there’s hardly any way a human can drink cow’s milk directly from its udder without upsetting the stomach.

BB: I want to drink the milk FRESH!
Me: Cannot lah. Got bacteria etc etc sure get upset stomach wan.
BB: Then why the baby cows can drink directly from the mothers’?
Me: Different antibodi mahhhh.
PrettyBoi: Cows eat grass. You go eat grass la. LoL.

BB quite funny. Haha.

On our way home, we dropped by one of the finer looking chalets to take a stroll at the beach.


We lunched at Fish & Co. at OneBorneo, watched Daybreaker (a vampire movie, lots of blood and gore, nothing like the beautiful Edward Cullen) and played Left4Dead 2 (a zombie game, more blood and gore) at one of the cyber cafes at the same mall.


Later on we had seafood dinner. Nerdook chia. Thank you, thank you :)


We spent the day shopping for souvenirs at Warisan Square and computer games at Kamarunsing, playing with the water at the pool and a nice dinner at Upperstar Restaurant.


Us, at 6 am, before I flew to Miri to attend a meeting and him, back to KL.

Me, at Miri, shopping for more local stuff after the meeting.


Before I end this long entry on my KK trip, I’d like to share the story behind the title of this entry. It’s actually a Malay sentence “Boleh ba kalau kau geng”, said with a Kadazan slang “Buli bah kalau kou ging”, which means it’s okay if it’s you're part of the gang. Something like that.

The boys were so amused by that line it became the highlight of our trip :)