Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buli Bah Kalau Kou Ging

My four days in KK had been so much fun I felt it was a lil too short. Don’t know about the host and hostess though, considering we messed their place up and made full use of their hospitality I bet they fell flat on the bed with sighs of relief once we’re gone.

I’m kidding.

PrettyBoi and QQ. They were probably one of the most gracious (and loving) host couple I’ve ever met. At times they could be too nice I felt a lil guilty troubling them.

BB and I arrived in KK at the stroke of midnight. PrettyBoi had to stay up to pick us from the airport.


Day 1 started off with me having trouble dragging myself out of the bed at 6 am (I slept at about 2 am the night before). The main highlights of the day were two islands – The Mamutik Island and the Manukan Island.

Being tourists didn’t leave us with much choice but to reluctantly pay for the heavily charged transportation + water sports + snorkeling gears package. One round of banana boat and parasailing was RM 40 and RM 100, respectively. Crazy right? PrettyBoi and QQ managed to get RM 15 discounted per person for banana boat (still cut throat) and so we decided to abandon parasailing.

The Mamutik Island was less commercialized, and had cleaner beach and clearer sea water as compared to the Manukan Island. We snorkeled at the former and did water sport at the latter. Not to forget appreciating the picturesque view by capturing them through the camera lense. Too bad no DSLR.

Let me share our banana boat ride experience.

This was when we were still kinda dry.

The first boat jerk sent BB and I flying into the sea while PrettyBoi and QQ remained intact on the boat.

The second jerk. Only BB got thrown into the water. LoL.

The third and final one. All of us ended up drinking sea water. I fell onto BB, my knee hit his forehead while something hit QQ. Must be PrettyBoi. Quite funny.

Oh by the way, the cute lil colourful harmless looking fish at the Mamutik Island were a bit aggressive. I had a few scratch marks on both my legs :( They must have mistaken them for bread crumbs.


(I had to lug myself off the bed at 6 am again)

Our first stop once we reached the highlands was the Kundasang War Memorial. The temperature there was comparable to Genting Highlands, or higher.

They had very pretty greenery all around, newspaper cuttings to tell the story, memorial stones and not to forget, witty signboards to help preserve the place!

Bollywood inspired. A very predictable picture shot :)

My favourite pic.

This was taken on our way to the next destination – Sucker fish @ Ikan tagal feeding. I got so tanned after our lil island trip.

I really don’t know what’s with the creatures in Sabah. The huge, ugly looking intimidating creatures were the tame ones while smaller and cuter ones bite! I kicked the smaller ones away and called them sucker fish because they suck when they eat and they actually sucked because they bit me!

It was an indeed an experience. Hardly get to see such creatures around. You only get to see the much tinier version if you visit Kenko Fish Spa at the malls.

I shared two different videos on my previous blog entry and on Facebook. Check them out.

Our next stop. The fresh-fertilizer-smelled cow farm.

The place is so country-like with cooling breeze every now and then I wish the smell wasn’t that bad or I would have loved the place even more :)

And, if only the corroded metal fence was replaced with some nicer looking wooden ones, we could fool ppl by claiming we went to New Zealand. LoL.

We bought a box of goat milk, cow milk and chocolate cow milk. Mind you, there’s hardly any way a human can drink cow’s milk directly from its udder without upsetting the stomach.

BB: I want to drink the milk FRESH!
Me: Cannot lah. Got bacteria etc etc sure get upset stomach wan.
BB: Then why the baby cows can drink directly from the mothers’?
Me: Different antibodi mahhhh.
PrettyBoi: Cows eat grass. You go eat grass la. LoL.

BB quite funny. Haha.

On our way home, we dropped by one of the finer looking chalets to take a stroll at the beach.


We lunched at Fish & Co. at OneBorneo, watched Daybreaker (a vampire movie, lots of blood and gore, nothing like the beautiful Edward Cullen) and played Left4Dead 2 (a zombie game, more blood and gore) at one of the cyber cafes at the same mall.


Later on we had seafood dinner. Nerdook chia. Thank you, thank you :)


We spent the day shopping for souvenirs at Warisan Square and computer games at Kamarunsing, playing with the water at the pool and a nice dinner at Upperstar Restaurant.


Us, at 6 am, before I flew to Miri to attend a meeting and him, back to KL.

Me, at Miri, shopping for more local stuff after the meeting.


Before I end this long entry on my KK trip, I’d like to share the story behind the title of this entry. It’s actually a Malay sentence “Boleh ba kalau kau geng”, said with a Kadazan slang “Buli bah kalau kou ging”, which means it’s okay if it’s you're part of the gang. Something like that.

The boys were so amused by that line it became the highlight of our trip :)


questra said...

buli bah kalau kou ging ;)

Tze Ling said...

initially i tot BB refer to ur Blackberry, u sot Blackberry till u nicknamed Aaron BB also ar? or stands for other meaning like BabyBoy? haha!!

Tze Ling said...
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Tze Ling said...

btw fong, u getting prettier n prettier!

eRiCa said...

haha he likes to call me baobei so i put it in this blog lor, since it would be confusing if i nicknamed him questra considering i nicknamed fong's gf QQ. LoL.

millymin said...

Roxy bag
Roxy thongs
Rip Curl bikini!
Familiar nyerrr

eRiCa said...

Roxy flipflops. Roxy beach shorts. I can be their brand ambassador d. LoL.

eRiCa said...

Roxy flipflops. Roxy beach shorts. I can be their brand ambassador d. LoL.