Friday, April 30, 2010

"High Flyer" Me

I've been so busy flying around travelling here there I hardly have any time to sit and write a proper blog entry.

Early this month, I went for a short holiday at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Immediately after the trip, which was in mid April already, I had to fly to Miri, Sarawak for one day to attend a business meeting.

And, I just got back from a 2-day workshop in Miri. My flight home was a horrible one. First of all, I had totally forgotten it was a transit flight which transits at Kuching. Then, the landing at KLIA was soooooo hard and rough I thought the plane crashed. And, as if it's not bad enough, we had to wait for almost an hour to retrieve our check-in luggage because the staff had mistakenly sent it to the wrong belt. All in all, my Miri - KL flight took 5 hours.

But it was one of the many fun trips where I indulged myself in seafood, seafood and more seafood!

Tomorrow, I'm going to Kluang to attend a wedding. The first couple in UTP batch July 2004 to get married! I love weddings!

On the 6th of May, I'm going to Kemaman, Terengganu for another business trip.

9th - 12th of May, I am flying to Miri and Bintulu for yet another business meeting.

High flyer eh. LoL. Pun intended :)

I just recuperated by resting through the night for at least 12 hours


ohmywtf said...

wow..u look really tall in the pic :-)

Aidi-Safuan said...

how much u spend in sabah?

Tze Ling said...

wats d meaning of 'pun intended'?

eRiCa said...

ohmywtf: lol you can't really trust pictures. haha but i'm of above avg in height :)

aidi: umm..entertainment + food + miscellaneous (bunked in at friend's place so accomodation's FOC) for 4 full days was about..RM 300+? planning a holiday trip already? :)

tzeling: pun is like play with words which can have two meanings. no pun intended - a literal, direct meaning and the other is the different way of viewing it i.e. I used to be a banker but I lost interest, which can mean both "minat" and interest rates

Tze Ling said...

oh ic, i get a bit of wat u mean, but stil a lil confusing to me tho.

James LSY said...

You were eating at Ming's Cafe right?

eRiCa said...

haha i was at meng chai. i'm not sure if it's ming's cafe. sounds d same. lol