Thursday, May 20, 2010

BB's Fate

This was what happened to my poor BB on that one fateful night.

I was yakking away on my BB when Q arrived at my place. After a while, Q mengada ask to hug. Soooo sweet of him kan? I also dengan happy-nya move towards him, with my left hand holding onto my BB, without my pouch.

[Clockwise, from top left]

Somehow, my hand collided with Q's right hand, sending my BB flying up in the air, and onto the tar road. It did a 360 degrees flip as soon as it touched the rough surface (this explains the scratches on all four sides) and I immediately went *censored*.


Just noticed I forgot to add strands of hairs for the two stick people in the third image. LOL.


Anonymous said...

still no photo on the mangsa?haha

Anonymous said...

ahahah! see la, hug somore lo, hahaha rupa-rupanya coz of hug then ur BB goes into ICU. haiz gimme kan baik? xP