Monday, May 3, 2010

The Highs & The Lows

All these happened today. I shall begin with the "highs".

#1 - Found out that I won't be assessed in the coming technical assessment so .. YAY! Was so worried I'm gonna score all zeros.

#2 - Q will be performing for the coming PETRONAS KKP Superstar, as a guitarist, backing up Chester the vocalist if the latter managed to emerge as one of the finalists. Double YAY! Finally get to watch Q play live on-stage. Pray hard Chester will make it through the coming audition! :):):)

And here comes a series of unfortunate events, mainly contributed solely by my absent-mindedness and carelessness and all the bad habits which I'm "blessed" with -_-"

#1 - Left house slightly earlier than usual just to realize I had left my staff ID behind. Had to go back and get it and was a few minutes late.

#2 - Banged my right thigh on the edge of my table real hard I now have a huge ugly greenish mark. Ouch.

#3 - I don't know what I did/ate but a pimple appeared on my forehead. Like I needed more of it. Go away I've had enough of you already! =S

#4 - Realized I left my keys behind in the office only when I reached KL Sentral LRT station. Called John and planned to get keys from him from wherever he would be (he wasn't sure where he would be dining at) in 20 mins. Then my phone died.

#5 - Borrowed neighbour's phone. Can't rmb John/XiaoQi's number so .. I called Diane. No answer. Called SanYin and got XQ's num. Called XQ. No answer. Called again. And again. And again (while feeding myself to the mosquitos) then .. finally! I'm HOME!


jfook said...

Such a high and low day you have..Nanged..

Crystal Hew said...

Congrats Questra! and i know Chester made it to the audition :)Good luck guys!

diane said...

So sorreee...i called ur neighbour later and got to know u just got into the house. :) Hope things'll go a lot better for you~~~

Tze Ling said...

wow u gonna play guitar, cool! gluck.
btw, a few pimples is very normal, don't feel so geram bt it. it will be vanish pretty soon :)