Sunday, May 30, 2010

Skyy Vodka/Sex & the City 2 Event Launch

I was there as FHM's Tim Chew's plus one and also as one of the three lucky friends of Crystal's to be invited to the 'Be A Star Party', in line with the launching of the limited edition Skyy Vodka and Sex and the City 2 movie.

The prettily designed invitation card.

Being someone ordinary, stepping into such an event was something new for me. Don't know about Crystal. I felt a lil out of place at first. I didn't know where to settle without being shooed away, I didn't know what to expect and worse, I didn't know what to do!

We grabbed our first drink and chose the sofa seat nearest to us. My first drink sucked. I ordered an orange martini after taking just two sips from it.

The glass on the left was mine. Crystal's was the orange something. Definitely better than the one I had.

Just one more to make Sex and the City lead casts!

You gotta excuse our long-day-worn-out look. We came directly after work with no makeup whatsoever.

[L-R] Me, Tim, Laura

I grew more comfortable after Tim, who was late, arrived with a few others - David, Laura, Christy and Josh. Crystal was all over the place chatting with famous people i.e. Jules Fly FM, Stephanie Chai, Belinda Chee, WILL QUAH (the star of the night) and others.

I seriously need to work on my PR skills.

With Jules from Fly FM

Pictures taken with gorgeous stars shall be refrained from this blog because I looked like a freaking ugly duckling beside them.

Btw, Will Quah really very handsome

Please ignore my silly star struck grin. BLEH. I RUINED THE PIC! :(

The very much celebrated drink on the night. I think all guests were given a miniature bottle of Skyy Vodka as part of a door gift/goodie bag.

There were fun activities like best dressed for male and female, models dancing and posing with Skyy Vodka bottles, etc but it was really crowded I couldn't see a thing. Josh kept wanting to nominate me as the best dressed but I kept refusing to leave my spot. I mean, come on .. I was so .. not my best. It was flattering though! :)

Group pic. [L-R] Tim Chew, Christy, Mua, Crystal, Laura and Josh.

The night didn't end here but I think I shall not elaborate further :P All in all, I had such a great time I almost forgot how it felt like to just .. have fun!

P/S: Tim, for future events like this, please do not forget me! :)


Vince G said...
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ohmywtf said...

looks like u all having great fun there! going for SATC 2 premiere tomorrow!! :-)

Tim Chew said...

Lol. Ok will try not to...