Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime


Disclaimer: This entry is purely for the sake of winning movie passes to watch the premier screening of Inception. Apologies if any felt a prick or two.

My most valuable secret in my mind that I do not want to be stolen would be the memories that live in me.

I have gone through a lot, from suffering from a serious case of seizure at a tender age of two plus, to experiencing the most beautiful thing one could ever ask for - love.

The one thing I am blessed with that many out there are not is the love and care from my parents. They can be undoubtedly suffocating at times so I just have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to have them. Throughout my 24 years of age they had never once disappointed me, be it financially or physical and emotional support, and I'm sure they never will.

I posted both Mother's Day and Father's Day cards back home, just to let them know they have wonderful children who will always be their little boys and girls even though we are all grown ups. And when mom told me how they both appreciated the cards, it was blissful.

Those were the good stuff. Now, on to both the good and not so good stuff.

I was lucky to love and be loved from friends and .. those more than friends. Still am. I have acquaintances, friends and closer friends. I had gotten into several relationships .. in fact, I'm currently in one.

One thing baffles me though. I really don't know why but I find myself constantly trusting all the worst people - cheats and liars. I wouldn't say these are the best memories ever but I believe they contribute in the molding process in my young adult phase. It could have been worse so ..

So, yep. I just opened up so much in my blog to win the movie passes. I hope it pays!

*Nuffnang, hint hint! :)

World Cup 2010 Snapshot

Look what I saw from

That was Netherlands Rafael van der Vaart kicking between Cameroon's Aurelien Chedjou's legs during a Group E soccer match at Green Point stadium in Cape Town June 24, 2010 (REUTERS/Jerry Lempen)

So cute right lol.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Geo Pre-Update

I just came back from a 4-day geological trip at KK, Sabah.

And this is how my panda-eyed tired face looked like now --- @.@

All I can say is .. thank goodness it's a Saturday!

Updates will come once I get the pics from all the SLRs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

That Little Promise

I hate how it was exposed. I hate how things were. I hate the lame excuses.

WTF is 'Happy 1 Month' to a new friend anyway?

I hate 22nd march. I hate 23rd march even more. And most of all, I hate everything which happened after that ..

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!


I need a break.

If not for that little pinky promise that holds me on till today, it would have been history.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

KL's Indeed A Dangerous Place

One of my housemates got mugged.

At knife point.

At Masjid Jamek LRT station.

At freaking 3 pm. Broad daylight. WTH right!

The useless jerk held him at knife point and tried to rob his belongings. Housemate struggled and yelled for help but people just stared and did nothing.

Out of fear to get involved, maybe.

That cost him his brand new, less than 2 months old HTC Desire smartphone and several knife wounds. His wallet was still intact though.

I don't want to relate the hassle he went through to get his wound cleaned and treated, and go to Maxis centre to get his line barred, in a somewhat bloody condition.

What surprised me was the people in the LRT (after the ordeal) did not even bother to ask if he's alright, what more offer to send him to the nearest clinic. They just stared .. and stared.

To think that I was followed and stalked by a mild-psychotic dude at the LRT station just a week ago who just couldn't stop blabbering "What's your name/What's your number? You are so beautiful" with that hungry eyes.

Thank goodness I escaped unhurt .. but the fear was unexplainable.

Just be careful when you're out in public, even if you're in a group. Don't be so flashy of your expensive belongings for that will made u a target.

* reminds self not to use Blackberry in the LRT

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Congrats Chester!

.. on your great performance at Karnival Keluarga PETRONAS (KKP) Superstar '10!

Being the runner up's good news .. although I think you're better than the winner :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Weekend Trip @ Singapore

I was excited for
it has been really long since I last been there
we haven't been on a getaway since our KK trip!

I prepared this simple checklist which comprised of the MUST DO’s in SG. Don't know where I threw the completed one.

Glad that I managed to get all of them checked. Yay :)


She works in SG and was so nice to buy us lunch. It's mainly for his (belated) birthday but I benefited from it so .. thanks! We had a great meal at Applebee's :)


We spent most of our time there. Entered malls after malls. MEGA SALES was on but I wasn't so into the stuff there cause they were still pricey after conversion. I'm broke lol.

Him, deciding on the route to take.

Me, along Orchard Road.

I made him camwhore in front of PRADA @ Ion Mall :)

Me, in front of the same PRADA store.

I bought some luxury dark chocolates at Royce. Bittersweet yum! Forgot to take a pic of it. It's now sitting in his house refrigerator cause I don't have one at my place :(

The jam-packed MRT on peak hours.


And Davin and June to run some errands for John. Cannot mention it in detail here or he will slaughter me for killing the surprise :P

Well, let's just say John's a really sweet boyfriend. He's not mine ya ^^


For John. 4 chocolate, 2 hazelnut choc and 1 cappuccino flavour.

But that was too much of a baggage for me so I bought only 2 choc, 1 hazelnut and 1 cappuccino. Hehe. Luckily luggage was still within 7 kgs.


Done. Really quite sexy ar the girls in it. Who wants a snapshot of it please email/let me know from my comment box :)


Our ice cream! Love.

It was great all right but he said it's a lil too sweet for his liking.


One of our agenda – A stroll along the Singapore River, walk past the historical buildings or something and stop at the grand Fullerton Hotel before taking the MRT back to Pasir Ris – went quite wrong. We went the opposite direction, for a good one hour or so before he got so frustrated and we ended up taking a cab.

It was hot. We were icky and sweaty and our legs were tired from all the walking. But I think the 1 hour walk was one of the memorable stuff we did together :)


Erm. Okay laaa. Could be better if I .. I mean .. we didn't oversleep ;)


Bet the pictures tell a
million words :)

Litter spotted. I thought SG's known for its cleanliness :|


Before I end this, I'd like to highlight a thrilling game spotted at Clark Quay - EXTREME SWING!

Happy, excited faces.

Ready to launch ady! And ..

UP THEY WENT .. bouncing up and down!

This was about SGD 45 and I think the thrill was worth the money BUT he was terrified of it and I didn't wanna go alone so .. I didn't get to try :(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Singapore Trip Sneak Peek

Next up - My Singapore weekend trip!

Despite his super arrogant fierce look, I love this pic I don't know why

Monday, June 7, 2010

Babi YHsin. LoL

That WAYNE (omg what a name. lol) Lim YHsin said I'm fat! :(

Okay lah not fat-fat but fatter.

You gained A LOT of weight

Chubbier d

Don't worry people don't want to kidnap u d cause cannot lift u

This kinda thing's inversely proportional. You gained half your weight and u lose half your fanboys

Nicer chest though


Because he was so mean, I made him responsible for my get-back-in-shape programme. First session this Saturday. Tak peduli him. Oh, and he also said "You ARE in shape. Round is a shape :P"

Cis. Sempat add smiley samo.

FAT MEH?! Depressing sial :(

Random pic of me taken during the bloggers' food tasting as Skewers. For some reasons I appeared fascinated by Chris' attempt to shoot something.

FAT MEH NOWWW??! :( :( :(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Opus Bistro @ Bangsar

He made me decide on the dining place after the many times I refused by saying ..

"I anything also ok wan"

"Up to you"

"You decide la since you're more picky and particular"

So, after reading pages after pages of food blogs, I finally landed on Opus Bistro at Bangsar, thanks to a convincing entry by Read here.

My expectations the moment I read the reviews were sky high but it crumbled a lil when they failed to answer the phone despite me calling numerous times over a period of half an hour just to book a place for two. I had to leave my name and contact, hoping they would return my call.

Backup plan? Italiannies :)

They did call me back. At 3 pm. I thought the place was available for lunch as well.

So, anyway, we arrived Opus Bistro at 9.15 pm. Then the rating for this place started to pick up. The staff were very attentive. Water was constantly being refilled, plates were cleared in a proper manner, etc. Nice :)

Now, the food! We had creme of mushroom soup (RM 15) for starters, Spaghetti alla Opus (RM 22) and honeydew juice (RM 11) for the lady and Opus famous roasted cod with lemon caper sauce (RM 56) for him.

The spaghetti, served with mixed seafood with fresh tomato and chardonnay sause, was the dish that made them famous and was highly recommended by

I must say, I was really impressed. Fresh seafood!

The roasted cod, which was the customers' all time favourite, were fantastic but the sause was a tad too salty. It's still a recommended dish, though :)

We spent the rest of the night, talking and .. talking. Kind of a get to know each other better session. A lil weird, considering we've known each other for many years.

A picture before leaving. Someone commented we're like siblings, again =/

We left the place at midnight. Time flies when one's having fun :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bloggers Food Tasting Event @ Skewers

Away from all the hustle and bustle of KL city life, tucked away in a new mall called Subang Avenue, lies Skewers Restaurant & Bar.

I was invited for a food tasting event for bloggers by Josh and I would say this is the next hot spot in KL/Selangor! Why so? Find out from the list of excuses/reasons why you should head your way there to give this new restaurant a shot!

1. Great service

So, Crystal and I reached pretty early despite all the traffic along the LDP. The friend who invited me, Josh, was caught up in the jam and considering Subang Avenue was pretty new (hardly any shops were opened for business), we walked into Skewers and blabbered our way through and the next thing we knew, we were seated comfortably with a complimentary drink, each.

Pink lemonade

Blogger Crystal making notes for her blog post

Thanks to the owner, Ken Lau. At least we didn't feel lost/out of place.

2. Finger licking good FOOOOOOOOOD!

This was the main reason I agreed to attend this event. Food! Now let's review what we had.

Skewers Chicken Teriyaki

OMG I love this dish. The chicken's really tender I couldn't get enough of it. Nom nom nom. Luckily it was placed right in front of me :D

Skewers Butter Prawn Pasta

Prawn, salad and mashed potatoes were yummy but I didn't have enough of the pasta for me to savour.

Skewers Lamb & Herbed Rice

This is a middle eastern dish whereby the rice was rich with various herbs. The lamb was tender and I love the veggies! The only thing was, I didn't know how to appreciate the rice. Such a waste.

The Ultimate Skewers Glutton Burger

This was delicioussss. Very Mexican-ish.

Then came DESSERTS!

Skewers Tiramisu Cheesecake

This is honestly the 2nd cheesecake I didn't mind eating. The first cheesecake I liked was from Indulgence, Ipoh. I'm not a big fan of dairy products so cheesecakes are out of my diet. Not even the ultimate marble cheesecake and baked cheesecake from Secret Recipe marvels me.

Skewers Chocolate Mousse?

I kind of forgot the name of this cute dessert. Crystal, Tim .. anyone, help?

Hmm. I didn't really like the whitish creamy stuff on the top layer (told you I'm not a big fan of dairy products) but I went weak the moment I tasted the chocolate mousse at the base

All of us - Crystal, Tim, Josh, Chris and myself gobbled up all that was presented before our eyes. Yes, it was that good.

3. They serve Hoegaarden Beer

Great drinks to compliment great food.

Here's a random pic of FHM Tim Chew with his Hoegaarden. That's all he cared about. LOL

4. Ambiance

The interior has a warm and relaxing feel to it.

The interior

The bar counter

Friendly kitchen staff

Kudos to the unique wall design!

5. Free entertainment

No, it's not the typical live bands you get from any other places but rather ..

A live magic show by one of Skewers' shareholders - David Lai! Here's a pic of him entertaining our table! Crystal looked really pleased. Hehe.

David performed a magic trick for a group of foreigners seated a few tables away (I kaypo go and watch) and his act got them yelling "WTF" and "F***" so many times I had to excuse myself from the table to prevent language pollution in me.

6. You get to meet famous peeps!

And get their autographs/name cards/contacts, that's if you are bold enough to approach them. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to steal photos of celebrities/pageant winners/famous peeps at Skewers from David's FB but .. guess what?

I bumped into Men's Uno Model Search winner - Adrian Chee!

I put on my thickest skin mode ever and asked if he minds taking a picture with an ordinary girl like me. Although damn malu, I had zero regrets. It was such a privilege!

Click here and here for pictures of him on his model search competition.

7. A great place to chill with great people

David Lai

With Crystal, restaurant owner Ken Lau and FHM Tim Chew

Pretty girls :D

Overall rating? All thumbs and toes up!

You can find Skewers Restaurant & Bar here:
SG01, Subang Avenue Shopping Complex,
Jalan Kemajuan Subang,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Opening hours:
Mon - Thurs: 1100 - 1430 hours; 1750 - 0100 hours
Fri - Sun: 1100 - 1430 hours; 1750 - 0200 hours

It's basically located right beside Carrefore Subang, which is beside Subang Parade. You won't miss it!