Monday, June 7, 2010

Babi YHsin. LoL

That WAYNE (omg what a name. lol) Lim YHsin said I'm fat! :(

Okay lah not fat-fat but fatter.

You gained A LOT of weight

Chubbier d

Don't worry people don't want to kidnap u d cause cannot lift u

This kinda thing's inversely proportional. You gained half your weight and u lose half your fanboys

Nicer chest though


Because he was so mean, I made him responsible for my get-back-in-shape programme. First session this Saturday. Tak peduli him. Oh, and he also said "You ARE in shape. Round is a shape :P"

Cis. Sempat add smiley samo.

FAT MEH?! Depressing sial :(

Random pic of me taken during the bloggers' food tasting as Skewers. For some reasons I appeared fascinated by Chris' attempt to shoot something.

FAT MEH NOWWW??! :( :( :(


greenteacarm said...

haha in my opinion , u dont look fat at all la :) :D

JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =).. Smiles. Have a great day.. =). do drop by to mine too yeah

Chris said...

Posting how someone told you you gained weight shows that you appreciate his comment that you gained weight. Right?

eRiCa said...

greemteacarm: i gained 4 kgs .. chubbier, yes but not fat lor :(

lean: =)

chris: haha well, i appreciate honest comments. i posted this because it's kind of funny .. the way he criticized me. cis.

Ivan Liaw said...

no lar not fat lar... still the queen of UTP. :D