Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime


Disclaimer: This entry is purely for the sake of winning movie passes to watch the premier screening of Inception. Apologies if any felt a prick or two.

My most valuable secret in my mind that I do not want to be stolen would be the memories that live in me.

I have gone through a lot, from suffering from a serious case of seizure at a tender age of two plus, to experiencing the most beautiful thing one could ever ask for - love.

The one thing I am blessed with that many out there are not is the love and care from my parents. They can be undoubtedly suffocating at times so I just have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to have them. Throughout my 24 years of age they had never once disappointed me, be it financially or physical and emotional support, and I'm sure they never will.

I posted both Mother's Day and Father's Day cards back home, just to let them know they have wonderful children who will always be their little boys and girls even though we are all grown ups. And when mom told me how they both appreciated the cards, it was blissful.

Those were the good stuff. Now, on to both the good and not so good stuff.

I was lucky to love and be loved from friends and .. those more than friends. Still am. I have acquaintances, friends and closer friends. I had gotten into several relationships .. in fact, I'm currently in one.

One thing baffles me though. I really don't know why but I find myself constantly trusting all the worst people - cheats and liars. I wouldn't say these are the best memories ever but I believe they contribute in the molding process in my young adult phase. It could have been worse so ..

So, yep. I just opened up so much in my blog to win the movie passes. I hope it pays!

*Nuffnang, hint hint! :)

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awesome write up!