Friday, July 30, 2010

Sneak Peek: ABSOLUT Rocks Party!

Next up: Absolute Rocks Party @ Luna Bar!

Taken with the stunning beauty queen Chantelle Chuah woots.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Babbling of Mine

Have any of you ever wondered how things would be ..

If you had chosen a different academic stream,

If you had chosen a different course of study,

If you had enrolled into a different university at a different town/state/country and made friends with different people,

If you had shopped in a different mall at that point of time,

And watched a different movie,

And who knows, you might meet and old friend or someone new whose paths had crossed with yours.

Or .. if you had chosen a different partner (not life partner since I'm not married .. yet).

Just a thought. We're all going on our own separate ways, leading our own separate lives .. not knowing what the future holds. Heck, no one can tell for sure if the day would end in 2012 as predicted by some philosopher or something I'm too lazy to google it.

Random babbling on a WORKING Sunday night, dreading the start of a whole new week oh nuuuuuuuu!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Rindu-ness and Romance

The realistic, no-nonsense me: I okay wannn .. *insert happy smiley
The sappy romantic me: Really quite .. rindu .. *insert sad smiley

Next trip together: Redang!

Side note. I finally get to watch Eclipse and found it to be quite interesting despite all the negative remarks on friends' FB status updates. I might be biased myself cause I'm a huge Twilight Saga fan :)

That's one of my favourite scenes in the movie.

Yes I might be undoubtedly biased and all but there was one particular part which I could not tolerate, and that was the part where Bella in a way admitted she did have feelings for Jacob the Werewolf but she loved Edward the Vamp more.

WTH so nonsense wan. But I still love the movie

Different side note. SIGH .. tomorrow have to go office kerja. Don't like :(

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Time ..

It was my first time emcee-ing a pretty huge event with mountains high expectations ..

The stress was there. And boy, of all times, I encountered a stage fright.

But lucky me, I had a very natural co-emcee who was there to cover up the hiccups and made me relaxed and smile through the night :)

Photos credit to KFK Photography.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sexy Models In Bikinis

This is what's happening on the first Sunday of every month - Splash Party @ Luna Bar yo!

With just RM 120, you get a high tea buffet spread and free flow of drinks from 3 pm - 8 pm. The pizza and fondue were my favourite pick! :)

Last Sunday, FHM Tim Chew invited me over to join the splash party along with the famous models/celebs.

Spotted right on (on no specific order):

Apart from being an active model, Chantelle runs a chocolate designing business. I was quite impressed at her modelling talent and at one point of time, I actually felt a little inferior being next to her :|

2. Michelle Lee, Crystal Liew and Davin Prash

[L-R] Crystal, Davin and Michelle are FHM Girl Next Foor 2010 finalists.

Looking obviously in cloud 9 being flanked by two hot models, Andy is a celebrity photographer by profession. Most of these pictures here were taken using his super heavy DSLR which cost him a Proton Kancil.

4. FHM Tim Chew

The famous FHM Tim Chew. I got to attend all sorts of events and parties and watch free movies, very much thanks to him

5. Jeremy Teo and Tan Zhi Vern

Jeremy's the hottest DJ in Red FM whose personality is so charming he poses a danger to the girls out there while ZhiVern's the hottest marketing guy in Fly FM who's in the running for CLEO's Most Eligible Bachelor 2010/2011.

6. The boring so-called engineer. Me.

I personally think the pictures were great. All credits to Andy.

The party got a lil heated up after an hour or two of chilling, with the guys and girls dunking shots of tequila.

They then stripped into their tiny bikinis and board shorts before jumping into the pool.

I followed suit later on after Jeremy threatened to throw me into the pool with my clothes on. I didn't bring any extra change of clothes because I did not plan to get wet!

This shot was half candid. Kind of like it :)

The after pool shots:

The alcohol took effect .. on most of them except myself. I didn't drink much

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Graph Metrics



Despite me being a HUGE Twilight Saga fan, I still find this hilarious :)