Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Almost Died Getting Fried Under The Sun

I went missing in action almost the whole of last week because I participated in a geological trip for the non-geologists.

So what in the world did a bunch of engineers/auditors/accountants do in this geological trip?

We went on a paid holiday to KK, Sabah!

We went for a field trip whereby ..

We hiked high up
Mount Kinabalu
several terrains just to learn more and examine the rocks and sand.

Hiked up ady have to strain our legs to descend. Pity my little knee caps.

We went to the stream as well to learn more about the rocks at riverbeds.

I really love this shot!

We had classroom sessions where we learnt A LOT (caps to emphasize on how much our brain cells had died doing so) on the theoretical part of it and had to understand how to look at seismic results.

I seriously respect geologists now. I could hardly understand a thing.

JUST LOOK AT IT! Does it make any sense to u? -_-"

Luckily there was recreation to lose the mounting stress.

1. A 20 minute 'fish spa' session

2. I spotted a really cute local toddler.

Maternal hormones kicking in. He was so fair ENVIOUS! He looked more Chinese than I do T.T

I got so tanned (no thanks to the field trip) the first thing my boss said to me when I got back to office was "Wah you rentung habis!"

Rentung means .. err .. something like charcoal. My Malay sucks.

3. A shopping session at Pekan Nabalu local market.

Totally love this black & white shot. I was actually observing (with amazement) a local lady slicing a pineapple. Really quick and swift and .. skillful -_-"

A solid proof of me working too hard till I fell asleep in the bus :)

Group pic.

LeeSha - The leggy girl I stayed with throughout our entire trip.

All in all, it was a fun trip alright .. except that I almost died getting fried under the sun.

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Mike Yip said...

so.... what did you learn from this trip? :D