Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Love to Touch My Cookies (and Screw eyePhone)

Do you guys know WHY LG Mobiles are all named based on food?

Apparently, marketing research shows that people tend to remember food names better as compared to fancy names i.e. K750i, Z60, etc. So that's why, LG has came out with LG Chocolate, LG Ice Cream and now LG Cookie!

Check out the cool ads below!

This is an advert for LG ice cream mobile. Damn cute lor I tell you!

And this, is an advert for LG Chocolate.

The new LG baby, is termed LG Cookie!

"I got you baby, I call it, I call it, Chocolate Love ♥"

How I wish. Because I don't 'got you' :( It was absolutely love at first sight.

LG even promoted with a 9-girl band, SNSD, and a 5-girl band, F(x), which of course made the boys fall in love with the girls, not the phones. Pfft.


So Nyuh Shi Dae (소녀시대)


The phone accessorized them very well lor. I WANNA BE LIKE THEM TOO! =(

Chocolate oh Chocolate, the moment you came out I have always set my eyes on you, but I succumbed to peer pressure and conformed to society - The overrated eyePhone. Bleh. Screw eyePhone.

So now, I have no money to "got you" :(

But wait, what's this? I hear LG is launching the brand new LG Cookie series! Yay I want I want! But still no money AIH, so I'm hoping LG would be kind enough to let me win one (just ONE onlyyy) of the latest batch of the LG Cookie!

I was playing with my friend's Cookie the other day and ZOMGWTFBBQ I love it! It looks so awesome. I really love the interface and the one thing that caught my eye was the accelerometer motion sensor with support for auto-rotating display wow.

I know this is pretty lame but the thing I absolutely loveeee most about touch screen phones is the zoom function + large screen package. If a good quality photo is uploaded, I can actually zoom in to see your zit clearly and feel better about myself LOL

Sample picture - Diane & I. Please enlarge it to get a better view of it.

With a good zoom feature + large screen, it will be liddis ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

The pic below was taken using the overrated eyePhone.

When zoomed:


(Sorry Charles I steal your cute pic and put eyePhone down -_-")

Another thing I serious cannot tolerate is the old school miniature keypads/qwerty keyboards. Such phones really can throw away. My fingers not small lor.

You three. Talk to the hand!

Check this out! I SO wanna be part of the party themed "Monster", for I have a reputation for dressing to kill and this is the kinda party for me! And of course I wouldn't wanna miss the launch of the LG Cookie Plus for the world.

Disclaimer: No boys were killed (none that I know of) due to my extravagant dressing. I think the most also nosebleed only.

Plus, Kenny will be emceeing the party! Things should be interesting. You'll know why in a while ;)

Below is a photo of us taken a year ago, with him dressed as Susan Boyle at "I'm a Standout in Life" party organized by Nuffnang and Tiger Beer. Cute kan cute kan?

He must have loved me SO MUCH that he posted our picture (below) in his 25 going 26 blog entry.
Yes, he flashed his vajayjay on stage and I was standing right below him.

Him dressed as Susan Boyle also can pull off such crazy antic so with him being the Monster host, I'm expecting an even crazier turnout. And I'm sure I won't be disappointed! :)

I wanna go! Do I get to? Do I get to go?


To include the embedded image in my post - Check!

And .. to shout out loud that I'm going to the LG Cookie Monster Party!

Err .. a bit the potong stim right if I shout out loud but failed to even qualify to be part of the lucky 100 to the party LOL sigh.

But heck,


Party details:
Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 6 - 10 pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee

I'll be seeing you there, Kenny ♥

Thank you, LG & Nuffnang!

With you both, Life's Good :D


suhaisweet said...

Nice n3..Very special for u.. Don’t Miss it!

v!vi@n said...

wish you luck^^ i joined this contest too..hope to get the invites...

Ivan Liaw said...

sell me your Blackberry then. :)

Chris said...

Seems like someone is getting paid to endorse LG now. What happened to your awesome Blackberry?

Stop bashing the iPhone just because LG's marketing team made you feel like a K-pop princess. Features like the accelerometer-based screen rotation have been on the iPhone since it began long time ago.

Do an apples to apples comparison on camera performance using the current generation iPhone 4 vs. those new LGs. Comparing a current generation phone versus an old one isn't convincing.

You know, you probably have spent enough on switching phones to buy more than an iPhone by now. Just a thought.

eRiCa said...

Chris. U really need to chill. This is an LG contest. And what makes u think I'm comparing an old iPhone to a new LG? Did I even mention d photos were from LG? Assumptions are never good.

And yes, switching phones cost a bomb. Hence, my participation in this contest. Get it? :)

Chris said...

Yes I'm totally chilling.