Monday, July 5, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

It was a Monday. The day dreaded by many. The first day after a fulfilling weekend of World Cup (and my hero Miroslav Klose) and several hours of partying at Luna Bar’s Splash Party with sexy models in tiny bikinis.

Entry on that once I get the pictures from FHM Tim Chew and celebrity photographer Andy Kho. I really need to a get a camera quick. Any sponsors? ;)

So anyway, I dragged my feet to the office this morning not knowing what was in store for me.


A bouquet of a dozen champagne roses with baby breaths and all

A pleasant surprise on no specific occasion. If I were to ask what’s with the surprise bouquet, 99% the reply would be “Because rindu/sayang.”

Sayang back

P/S: This shows how easy it is to make a girl happy lol. Now who says girls are complicated and hard to please?? :)

P/P/S: That pic of me was semi-candid. Bleh :|


Anonymous said...


JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

Crystal Hew said...

awww so sweet! Luna pool party?? Ahhh must be nice :)

Unknown said...

thats sweet (:

Ken Wooi said...

lovely =)

v!vi@n said...

awwww....those roses are so nice and pretty!!!!

millymin said...

see somebody's turn to receive flowers :P