Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Babbling of Mine

Have any of you ever wondered how things would be ..

If you had chosen a different academic stream,

If you had chosen a different course of study,

If you had enrolled into a different university at a different town/state/country and made friends with different people,

If you had shopped in a different mall at that point of time,

And watched a different movie,

And who knows, you might meet and old friend or someone new whose paths had crossed with yours.

Or .. if you had chosen a different partner (not life partner since I'm not married .. yet).

Just a thought. We're all going on our own separate ways, leading our own separate lives .. not knowing what the future holds. Heck, no one can tell for sure if the day would end in 2012 as predicted by some philosopher or something I'm too lazy to google it.

Random babbling on a WORKING Sunday night, dreading the start of a whole new week oh nuuuuuuuu!


Ivan Liaw said...

i always think about those. :)

maybe il be a pilot, if i didnt get UTP. :D

then i ma cannot see you lo. cham lo cham lo..

millymin said...

Yea... thought of it. But it was not us who decided to be in the same class in Year 1 :) LOL. How life had changed. Guess what?! I'm done with my final trip of the year. That would be Philippines... Arghhh! Anymore parties in KL?