Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sexy Models In Bikinis

This is what's happening on the first Sunday of every month - Splash Party @ Luna Bar yo!

With just RM 120, you get a high tea buffet spread and free flow of drinks from 3 pm - 8 pm. The pizza and fondue were my favourite pick! :)

Last Sunday, FHM Tim Chew invited me over to join the splash party along with the famous models/celebs.

Spotted right on (on no specific order):

Apart from being an active model, Chantelle runs a chocolate designing business. I was quite impressed at her modelling talent and at one point of time, I actually felt a little inferior being next to her :|

2. Michelle Lee, Crystal Liew and Davin Prash

[L-R] Crystal, Davin and Michelle are FHM Girl Next Foor 2010 finalists.

Looking obviously in cloud 9 being flanked by two hot models, Andy is a celebrity photographer by profession. Most of these pictures here were taken using his super heavy DSLR which cost him a Proton Kancil.

4. FHM Tim Chew

The famous FHM Tim Chew. I got to attend all sorts of events and parties and watch free movies, very much thanks to him

5. Jeremy Teo and Tan Zhi Vern

Jeremy's the hottest DJ in Red FM whose personality is so charming he poses a danger to the girls out there while ZhiVern's the hottest marketing guy in Fly FM who's in the running for CLEO's Most Eligible Bachelor 2010/2011.

6. The boring so-called engineer. Me.

I personally think the pictures were great. All credits to Andy.

The party got a lil heated up after an hour or two of chilling, with the guys and girls dunking shots of tequila.

They then stripped into their tiny bikinis and board shorts before jumping into the pool.

I followed suit later on after Jeremy threatened to throw me into the pool with my clothes on. I didn't bring any extra change of clothes because I did not plan to get wet!

This shot was half candid. Kind of like it :)

The after pool shots:

The alcohol took effect .. on most of them except myself. I didn't drink much


Tim Chew said...

Eh I'm not famous lar...famous would be Jeremy from Red FM.

Anonymous said...

oh no no you r so not the boring engineer. YOU ARE WAY HOTTER THAN THE MODELS THERE~

sou. do you haf a boyf? wink*

jw said...

hmm, the models are not hot also..

ken said...

you looked so serene and lovely....

v!vi@n said... are hot!!!! with pretty face, perfect curves and nice height!!! you are like perfect..I LIKE!!!!

Unknown said...

Great party, Very seldom we can find this type of pool party event in Malaysia.

Unknown said...


i thought u were one of the smoking hot models there too ^^