Monday, August 2, 2010

Absolut Vodka Night @ Luna Bar

FHM Tim Chew invited me to this happening event @ Luna Bar on 29 July 2010. I was a lil concerned I'll feel out of place so I made him get one extra invite for Crystal!

To be eligible for a free flow of vodka till midnight (or was it 1 am), I had to have this stubborn blue stamp on my hand and a cool tribal-like bangle. The blue stamp was visible till Saturday wth.

And yes, I went to work with the word "ABSOLUT" imprinted on my hand. Luckily bosses weren't around lol.

The first familiar face I saw there was the bartender, Kelvin. Met him at Luna Bar Splash Party in July.

Crystal and I were later approached by the famous Chef Rizal ...

... and famous Kuching-born celebrity photographer Andy Kho!

I think he's quite cute, both physical wise and character lol!

The night went on with even more and more familiar faces thank goodness!

A peck on the cheek by Christy, whom I first met at Skyy Vodka Party at Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Lucky dude got a peck on each cheek lol!

The girls - Engineer, consultant, model and model-cum-beauty queen.

I feel inferior :|

Us. Christy, Crystal, myself, Tim and half of Chef Rizal's head at the back.

When we were about to leave, guess who did we stumble upon?

Local artiste Jason Lo! Yes, he gained a lot of weight he was beyond recognition but .. it's still him! I really need to lose the stupid starstruck look on my face.

Boyfriend commented "Hug until so tight .. " with a hint of jealousy lol.

For some reasons I find his comment cute :)

A pic of a random hot English dude before we left!

I managed to drag myself up for work in time but I was late all the same because I left the infamous "pink phone" behind. Internal joke among my operations colleagues. Haha.

All in all, I think we had a fun night! Thanks Tim for the invites and Andy and Crystal for the pictures!


Anonymous said...

you have a sweet smile!

gj said...

lol hug till so tight lolll

millymin said...

hmmphh... next time party pls send me invitation :P

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