Saturday, August 7, 2010

Balinese Cuisine For A Change

Disclaimer: This entry is very "yellow" .. The digital cam we brought couldn't adapt to such indoor lighting so .. please bring a DSLR or anything with comparable quality when u guys go there k.

Anywayyy .. one fine day, bbroo, feeling all generous, asked the indecisive me to pick a place for a nice dinner.

A friend recommended Balinese cuisine at Waterlily Bistro, Mutiara Tropicana, and after a little google-ing here and there, I landed on this foodblog which gave very positive reviews.

It's not too far away, plus it's a cuisine we don't come across everyday so why not kan? I'm quite flexible with things .. I was a bit worried about bbroo though since he's more particular :)

We were greeted by the waiters and were ushered to the non-smoking area.

Happy bbroo. Quite cute :)

Part of the layout of the restaurant where we had to sit Japanese style. Despite me wearing a short skirt that night, it was pretty comfortable. Not my best choice of attire but apart from fidgeting every now and then, I was totally fine about it :)

We screened through the menu which had a wide selection of food - Balinese, Western, Asian, Italian and even sandwiches - and settled with ..

Grilled Chicken (or Squid) Caeser Salad and ..

The yummylicious Nasi Campur Waterlily! Plus ..

Honey Lime Papaya Juice (or was it Honey Papaya Lime -_-")

Our happy but hungry faces, before we dug into our food :)

Our happy and contented faces after meal :D

bbroo's rating on Waterlily Bistro:

- Food: 9/10
- Services: 9/10 [He minus marks cause no coaster for the drinks. Told you he's particular]
- Ambiance: 9/10
- Location: Very convenient since both stay in PJ

Overall rating? 9/10 .. not very easy for a picky person to give such good rating, which means this place is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

Last pic before leaving :) :)


millymin said...

boooooooo! Dinner with rooroo :( WHen dinner with me?

Anonymous said...

bbroo = baby roo = baby kangaroo?

a really cute nickname for your boyfriend....haha

jfook said...

Owhhh...So nice...:) Looks like a delicious dinner.

eRiCa said...

haha em, u come kl/i go back home baru cakap. one in penang one in kl how lahhh lol.

anonymous: haha yes, it's a cute name. he's cute too :)

jfook, yes it WAS delicious. good choice, for something different :)