Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friendscino Restaurant & Bar

Blogging has become my part time job. With hardly any income, that is. But I didn't mind because I get to attend events, food tastingssssss (how to lose weight you tell me) and more.

This time around, it's at Friendscino Restaurant & Bar. I find the name rather unique.

Friendscino is an abbreviation of "Friends" and "CINO" which stands for "Culture Is Not Optional". Interesting concept. From the name you can roughly picture the ambiance and environment of the outlet to be relaxing and cosy, which also caters for large gatherings.

I kid you not.

Dome. Spacious.

Lounge. Very spacious.

Verandah. Spacious siotttt!

Yong, throw your birthday party here! I can try help you get special offers lol!

This time's food tasting session includes ..

Malaysia's beauty queen who is also a businesswoman, Chantelle Chuah.

Also a beauty queen and a fantastic songbird, Sarah Low.

Capable Lavinne (she drives a cute Beatle wehhh I also want!) and myself :D

Moving on to the main attraction. First of all, I must say. The food price is surprisingly reasonable. The only thing I thought was a lil overpriced are the drinks although the one I had was undeniably gooood ~


Please ignore my face. There wasn't a snapshot on just the drink :( Anyway, this yoghurt-like drink is made up of orange and vanilla. I'm not a big fan of dairy stuff but I love this drink! I can see why this is their signature drink hehe.

For starters we had the CAESAR SALAD and APPLE & MANGO SALAD (RM 12 each)

The highlight of the Caesar Salad was the cheese basket while the fresh mango stood out in the latter dish.

We also had (clockwise from left) WILD MUSHROOM SOUP (RM 16), CREAM OF SWEDE SOUP (RM 8) and PRAWN BISQUE (RM 8)

My favourite among the three was definitely the wild mushroom soup (it's better than the one served in Zouk Cafe). Bread crumbs from the bread bowl makes it even better. I kept scraping the crumbs off and drink it with the soup :D

Cream of Swede Soup was pretty good, suitable for vegetarians. However I find Prawn Bisque to be a tad too salty for my liking. FHM Tim Chew loved it though.


This dish was gooood. I like how the meat just falls off the bone and 'melts' in my mouth. It's far from being hard and rubbery.


The greenish thingy was actually basil leaves along with some pesto paste or something like that. The smell and taste of basil leaves were not overwhelming and me being a pasta lover, this is a must try!

Another must-try dish on the menu - SEAFOOD MARINARA (RM 16) yummmmmm! This is my favourite dish of the lot! The sauce is very much different from the typical marinara paste and it is undoubtedly a positive difference.

I couldn't get enough of it I started dipping french fries into the marinara sauce :P


I'm not a big fan of spicy stuff so I'll write Lavinne's opinion on this dish. She loved it because the taste and spice all complimented one another. It's just RM 12. Have I mentioned the food price here is damn reasonable?


Served in barbecue sauce. First time I had grilled salmon with bbq sauce. Something new I'd say. One thing I noticed was that the salmon was very fresh. Loves!

This is the ultimate favourite for steak lovers - GRILLED SIRLOIN STEAK (RM 27)

It was cooked to medium (50 - 60%) to maintain the juiciness of the meat.

Out sinful delights - CHOCOLATE WALNUT BROWNIE and BREAD & BUTTER PUDDING. We were stuffed by the time these two arrived yet we managed to finish them up. How impressive.

One of their staff, Jimmy (I'd assume he was the outlet supervisor or manager) was very attentive and alert he actually caught my attention and so I decided to give him some credits in my blog.

I noticed there were board games available (though not as many choices as Pitstop Cafe at Jaya One) which posed another reason to why you should pay this outlet a visit. The place is big enough to hold gatherings, food price damn reasonable and they had entertainment too. And that includes live jamming sessions.

That was my second visit and there will definitely be more to come :)

You can visit their site here.


Anonymous said...

My friends & I been there and I lovesssss the seafood marinara also~~

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hmmph bring me there when I visit you :)

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haha cannnn :)

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