Monday, August 23, 2010

Inch Thick Make Up

While most girls looked prettier and sexier and hotter and more gorgeous (and the list goes on and on) with loads of make up being applied the right way, I think I looked horrible UGH.

This is one damn gorgeous girl in the recent Miss Hard Rock contest. I seriously wonder why she wasn't in the Top 3.

Pretty Gracy

This is a pic of me without the crap load foundation, concealer, fake lashes and eyeshadow:

And this is a (horrible) pic of me WITH crap loads of all those:

I easily looked 10 years older T.T

Sidenote. I've finally found a decent shot of me!! Happy! :D There are loads of horrible looking ones trust me T.T

Pictures courtesy of Seelanj Photography and Andy Kho


MeteorX said...

cute n sweet :) nice..

CL said...

Hey Erica, I think you still look pretty even with makeup! :)

adamYam said...

with or without makeups...u still looking great there!

eRiCa said...

ahhh .. thanks :) i prefer my makeup-free look though. hehe

melmonica said...

hey girl, you look gorgeous la with or without makeup. i am the true 'look uglier with makeup' person T_T

aiwei said...

You don't look 10 years older with makeup. Still stunning. :)

Btw, I hate fake eyelashes and tonnes of foundation too. They just make me look like a fake doll. LOL