Monday, August 16, 2010

Zouk .. Yummylicious!

It has been so looong since I last had a food tasting event. Remember Skewers, where Tim, Crystal, myself and a bunch others were treated to a series of good stuff?

This time was at Zouk Cafe @ The Gardens. It's situated right at The Gardens entrance/exit at the road in between Midvalley and The Gardens Mall.

Happy hour 6 pm - 9 pm, buy 1 free 1 Carlsberg mug.

Zouk Cafe outlet manager treated us to an incredible series of their best-sellers. FOUR starters, TWO soups, FOUR main course and TWO desserts for THREE people. One hungry Tim who was too busy to grab lunch, a pretty student, Stephanie Lim and myself, a huge seafood and pasta fan.

Serious can die from food indulgence and over-eating lol!

The famous FHM Tim Chew doing his domework.

Pretty student cum blogger, Stephanie Lim.

Mua screening the menu.

To begin, we had the following four starters:

Classic Chef Salad. A healthy way to start and work on our appetite. The one thing I love most about this dish is the avocados yo!

Tuna & Tiger Prawns. Marinated tuna with big fat fresh tiger prawns.

Breaded Mussels. Goes well with garlic coriander dip.

Fried Chicken Wings. They were far from being dry and shrunken, worth every bit of the price you pay. Yum!

And almost instantly, soups were served.

Cream of Mushroom Soup. Made from four different types of freshly cut mushrooms, not from those in cans or packets. It was yummy but in my humble opinion, the one in Marche @ The Curve compliments my tastebuds better.

Ahh. The soup of the day - Tomato Soup.

This little thing was delicioussss. Made from fresh tomatoes, puree thick as ever. Love this one!

Now, on to the main attractions - The main course! Guess which of the four was my ultimate favourite? Hint: I'm a fish person :D

Lamb Cutlets. The lambs were imported from New Zealand, which was denoted the best lambs ever. We had it 65% done, which was just nice for me. You can request whichever way you want it to be served.

Seafood Aglio Olio. Angel hair pasta served with tiger prawns, scallops, mussels and calamari.

The all-time favourite Seafood Hor Fun. This adds a little bit of Asian touch to the f&b outlet. The main attraction here was the super huge and juicy prawns I couldn't get enough of them.

Now, the winning entry. Pan Fried Black Cod Fish. It wasn't the risotto, nor my favourite cherry tomatoes which caught my attention to this dish, but the fresh cod fish. I could have this again and again I wouldn't mind one bit.

Told you I'm a fish person :)

The one thing which fascinates me was the fact that they even had 'leung sui' available in the menu.

Busy digging in :D

Camwhored in between food.

By then, we were so puffed BUT there's always room for .. desserts! :D

Mangomisu - Tiramisu with mango fruit and custard. An interesting combination. I'm not much of a dairy person so I didn't really fancy the custard but I love the tiramisu in between. Digging for it is like playing hide and seek.

Triple Scoop Ice Cream Gelato. What more can I say? This can never go wrong.

A pic with Tim in front of the food outlet.

Zouk Cafe Bar basically designed its menu to cater for:

- Working adults (they have very impressive set lunches)
- Families
- Shopping ladies (who can never resist the desserts)
- Teenagers
- Food lovers i.e. ME!

The ambience was great and cosy, and was strategically located right at the entrance/exit of The Gardens Mall at the road in between The Gardens and Midvalley. You won't miss it ~

My rating on that? Overall I'll give 8.5/10 :) You should go for set lunches if you're on a tight budget. It's worth it :)


Mike Yip said...

What's the price like?

eRiCa said...

hie mike! hmm the price is .. well, probably comparable to dome. not too bad, considering the portion and everything else :) but the set lunches are really worth it.

Anonymous said...

looks great. i walked past the cafe today. will give it a shot soon....

yinnkoon said...

I like the pan fried black cod.

The juicy prawn before the black cod, I think is a white shrimp.

white shrimp not suitable for prolonged cooking hence usually served this way.

from the menu, I guess it was quite an expensive menu. but I guess people should pamper themselves with good food once in a while. ^^

Ivan Liaw said...

wa~! Tim wor~~~ fuyoo...