Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun Facts

Random fun facts about me (just to revive my dying blog)

Actually I have THREE food reviews to do but I'll push it to tomorrow. Procrastinate now, panic later LOL aih. Work today took a toll on me (Stupid pipeline leak gave me so much trouble) so I'm gonna use what's left of me to .. babble -_-

1. I used to dislike shopping till I started working in KLCC. Since then, my account has been in a pretty pitiful state.

2. I was nicknamed blur queen in both high school and university. I have no idea why.

3. My first serious ambition was to be an air-stewardess for the dumbest reason ever - Because I love to travel. Parents disallowed. I still wonder from time to time what it is like to be one though.

4. But now I'm a boring person who aspires to grow old lecturing university kids.

5. Judge all you want but I never really think I'm attractive. To me, a must have for a girl to be attractive is flawless fair complexion and of course, a slim figure. I lack the former :(

6. And in order to be attractive in my books, I used to hate the sun so much I never left my hostel room without my well-known bright pink and orange umbrellas. Now I love going to the beach I don't care anymore ~

7. My PR skills sucks to the max. I need lessons.

8. I love Subway sandwiches. I have them like 2-3 times a week on average and can never get bored of them.

9. I had trouble listing fun facts about myself I had to go through my gtalk chats to actually dig one or two.

10. I'm so worn out my mind's on the verge of shutting down I think I'll stop right here.

Ok time to shower. And sleep. I'm so grateful tomorrow's a holiday.


jfook said...

*like this post*

Ken Wooi said...

nice facts of yourself.. =)

DeeCee said...

loool at "i have no idea why ppl think im blur queen".

Ivan Liaw said...

bright pink and orange umbrellas. :p

Anonymous said...

most of them so inaccurate.

1. u are nicknamed that because u really ARE blur!
2. boring person and not attractive? i beg to differ, hottest blogger @ Miss Hard Rock.
3. yr PR skills don't suck that's for sure kekeke.

John E said...

Not sure y people call u BLUR QUEEN?? Come on.. This statement here proves everyone's point dear blur queen.. Haha..

~David~ said...

haha~this is the facts u think of~the real facts is depend on others :P
Watever~just live up ur life :)