Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2010

Since most are gonna blog about the event flow, and what comes after this and that, I shall do it from my side - from a couple of hours before the event up until it had ended.

I was sick. My throat was killing me, my head couldn't stop pounding and my temperature was on a roller-coaster ride. I decided not to go a couple of times but there was always someone to talk me into it. Like our dear Chrissy. End up she herself ffk-ed me. Cis. LoL.

I took 2 hours plus to get ready. Showered. Rest. Wash face. Rest. Put a bit of eyeliner. Rest. Comb hair. Rest. Tie hair (I couldn't wash it cause was unwell) and rest again. This went on till I got dressed. To think that I didn't even apply make up -_-"

When I said rest, I meant I had to move to my bed and sit down or I would have fainted for sure.

Tim, Kat and I reached at about 9 pm.


And I couldn't remember the events from that moment on till Kat tugged my arm and yelled "I SAW NAMEWEE!"

And I went "WHERE? WHERE?" like some sakai fella from the kampung. Check out our picture with Namewee in the previous entry!

I later saw, met and talked a bit to a few famous peeps like songbird Reshmonu, fashion master Key Ng, beautiful blogger Dawn Yang and (OMG) Henry Golding! Such a waste my PR skills was way worse that night with my throat killing me softly I just didn't feel like making a conversation.

So handsome! xx Okay fine he didn't exactly look nice in this picture. You should see him in person OMG!

The next thing I could recall was Kat doing her awesome free style dance while I rested on the couch. Then, someone I met at the event handed me a drink, which I politely rejected with the excuse "bad throat".

But the smart alec said the alcohol is good for bad throats (couldn't rmb the reason he gave ady) and I was naive/blur to buy it so I had one glass. Before I could even go a quarter of the second, I threw up.

In the ladies :)

The rest of the night is history. What happened there stayed there :)

Side note. For some reasons I really love looking at this pic. This was shot with celebrity photographer Andy Kho's own (super) expensive (and damn heavy) gadget.

Photos credits to, Katherine Ng, Tim Chew and Cyrus.


millymin said...

pffft! Maidahhh! Blambak party! LOL

alexlye said...

who is the idiot that told u that alcohol is good for bad throats? i think he just wanted to chat with u. hahahaha

eRiCa said...

oh wow. i didn't know u have a blog haha