Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Redang Trip :)

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I was ALWAYS spotted with an umbrella. I hated the sun very much, yes.

Primary reason: I would get so tanned and I hated being tanned. I always thought fair girls were prettier. And I'm not like some lucky people who would just turn lobster red temporarily. My tanned complexion stayed for months T_T

But my preferences changed after my memorable Bali (graduation) trip in July 2009. I realized I loved the sun and the beach and the sea and the sand and everything else. It was from that point of time I just didn't really bother about my skin colour anymore.

Hence, a day trip to Sepang Gold Coast.

And recently, to Redang Island :)

We signed up for a snorkelling package each at Redang Pelangi Resort (click the link for snorkelling, etc etc packages and offers) and stayed 2 nights at a simple, basic room.

At the corridor outside our room.

Basically, our package includes:

4 meals daily
3 snorkelling trips, at different spots of course
Transportation (round trip bus ride to jetty, round trip boat ride to Redang Island and round trip to all 3 snorkelling spots)

Rental of snorkelling equipment for both was RM 50 (one-off) while water-proof camera for 150 shots was at RM 50/day.


We had one snorkelling trip, which was after lunch. We didn't rent the water-proof camera since it was just half day.

At the jetty.

During tea break after our snorkelling session, all tired and hungry.

After tea break. We went strolling the beach (and more snorkelling) and enjoyed the sunset view.

Night beach walk :) My right toe was bruised cause I accidentally kicked my table, twice -_-"


Stupid weather made me worried. It rained pretty heavily at like .. early in the morning when the sky was still dark I thought our snorkelling trip was doomed for sure. Plus, I really looked forward to today's trip because I get to use the water-proof camera!!

Excited cause I wanted to capture pictures of Nemo fish :D

Well, guess what. I woke up to a bright, sunny morning yay! Lucky! Aaron said it was "God's blessing" instead.

Anyway, first shot at the jetty at Marine Park.

This was where we spotted a baby shark aka baby jaws!! Too bad no pics cause it swam away too fast ady :(

On the boat before jumping into the sea at our next snorkelling spot. We had lots of underwater shot at this location, thanks to one kind diver who helped us take some really cool shots of us underwater as well as sea creatures!

Dived deep down to have a closer look.

Fish circling around me. I really love this shot :)

A good shot of Aaron swimming deeper into the sea.

A shot of me .. falling asleep in the sea -_-" The fish looked as though it was stuck to my hand.

A picture together in the water ~

MY NEMO FISH!! So cute can die!

One of my successful jumping shots.

With Germans Frank and Flo after our last snorkeling trip.

The kind diver who helped us. Arigato ~ ~

Us on the hammock. We (actually just me) got so addicted to it.

Our beach stroll that day was cut short because I wanted to stay on the hammock lol.


We didn't do much that day. Checked out after breakfast and took a pic with a cute Indon couple. Both were from Medan so their Hokkien was really fluent. Quite similar to Penang hokkien.

Everything went really well (I was exceptionally thankful for the superb sunny weather) except for the lousy 7-hour bus ride (I hardly slept).

I wanna do this again!! :)

I just realized most of the pics above I had my shades on. Nah, a few more of me without shades :)

This one he looked so damn ganas.



mizztraveller said...

Ic, both of you really enjoy the trip .

The place really nice

melmonica said...

Wow, you got tonnes of nice pics I don't know which to pick lolz!

Didn't know that Redang sea is so blue! And I'm obsessed with blue sky and sea haha.

Nice trip you have. Cheerios~

John said...

aw... so nice