Saturday, October 9, 2010

7aste Monte Carlo - The Event

This was one of the events I actually kind of looked forward to, thanks to Emily's blog entry on the 7aste event in Penang.

But it was quite a disappointment. Probably because I was dead tired by the end of my working week and .. also the crowd my goodness. I was squashed and pushed the minute I stepped in :|

And the performances and event flow .. weren't spectacular. In fact, I thought the performances were kind of out of place :/

The entrance

Sleek ~

With FHM GND 2010 finalist Michelle, Tim (top) and Andy Kho.

As we stepped inside. Just look at the crowd -_-"

Another FHM GND 2010 finalist, Cyrstal

With fellow MHB blogger, Nicole.

Hot sexy DJ on the house woots ~

Su Zanne. Sweet girl.

Berry pink! Love this picture to bits :D

Cindy Yong. The hottie who scouted me for a Dove commercial TV advert a few months ago, along with other girls as well.

The soon-to-be Datuk. LoL.

Upon leaving. With Desmond & Tim.

And finally, with the celebrity dude behind the camera - Andy Kho.

This event is very 'pink'. I like :)

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Anonymous said...

an upcoming socialite I see... =)

eminey626 said...

that DJ looks so cool!!! xD nice outfit btw :)

Simon Seow said...

Crystal was there? Sigh, didn't bump into her.