Monday, October 4, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Initially it was just down to two events - A launching or some sort of a new local beer brand, Jazz Beer cum food tasting at Bon Ton, Lot 10 and October Splash Party at Luna Bar.

The fashionably late comers - Tim and myself - had spaghetti with bacon and I forgot what else, and Caesar Salad. It was .. well .. erm .. okay I shall not continue. Pictures of pretty girls might do your appetite a bigger favour instead.

The female bloggers. With Nicole (centre) who joined us for the first time and Chantelle.

My high school senior, Steph. Friends and teachers thought she was my sister. I looked at our pictures a million times also cannot find the slightest resemblance.

My failed attempt. The beer foam filled three quarter of the glass. So embarrassing.

My take on the beer - Not a big fan of beer to begin with, I personally think the only plus point it has was the fact that unlike the other major giant beer brands, Jazz beer has live yeast in it. Which make it healthier for consumption. Apparently. Oh second plus point. It's more gentle to the throat too.

Other than that, I think Jazz beer would have to really step up their game before they can be anywhere near the big shots i.e Tiger, Carlsberg, etc.

A group pic. Tim, Nicole, myself, Steph and Andy. Not the celebrity photographer Andy Kho ya.

That was Friday. Splash party was on Sunday. No pictures yet though. Will do a separate post once it's up on Facebook :)

So, on Saturday, Tim invited me over to Souled Out Cafe at Hartamas, Petaling Jaya for dinner since he had like RM 95 worth of redeemable coupons.

I had to give in to the huge words splattered across the menu - Slurps. The one single word says it all.

Deep fried calamari for starters. The chilli dip sauce was really nice. Sweet :)

I had the Grilled Salmon and Orange-Apple-Garlic juice. I hope I didn't get the combination wrong. First of all, the juice was .. well, quality wise, thumbs up because it was really kao fruit juice. I find the garlic taste a little uneasy though.

I felt a lil adventurous so I decided to order that so it's all my fault lol.

The Grilled Salmon was yum yum yum!! Huge portion, very smooth texture and not expensive at all! It costs like RM 28 only! Highly recommended :)

Another huge plus point to this was the generous portion of greens which makes this dish healthier. At least it managed to psycho me to think so lol.

Tim ordered 2 pints of Guinness Beer and the mouth-watering Sirloin Steak. Generous portion as well. This costs a lil more though (RM 40+) but it's worth it.

After dinner, we went to meet Lavinne and her friends at The Hill. It's first unofficial launching was the day before (Friday) so when I went there, things were still a lil disorganized but I gotta give credits to the staff there for managing it at their best.

The highlight of this place was the drinks menu.

I tried the Milo Ais and Watermelon Slush. Both were actually classified as cocktails cause both had liquor in it but between these two, I like the Watermelon Slush. A lot. It was served in a portion for two yet I managed to finish most of it :D

With Lavinne (top) and Stephinie.

The Milo Ais was a very, very dangerous drink. Reason being, the milo was sooo sweet it actually managed to overcome the bitter taste of the liquor. And if you're not careful, you'll be drinking loads of them without realizing how much alcohol you had actually consumed.

The mug used was so damn old school but that makes it more interesting :)

We obviously enjoyed it very much lol ~

Random pic sharing of pretty girls.

Pictures of hot babes in bikinis at Splash Party @ Luna Bar up next. Andy, Tim .. I want pictures! :)

A friend actually asked me to start putting on make up whenever I attend events etc. Do I look that bad without make up? :|


Hilda Milda™ said...

the watermelon slush looks so cool!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i like the fact that the watermelon slush was served in a... watermelon! hehe

Anonymous said...

disagree with year friend's comment. u r one of the few girls who look awesome without make-up (Y)