Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - Bethany Floral Chiffon Dress is an online store which is an international fashion label which arrived in Malaysia not too long ago.

So, I hereby present, my first pick: BETHANY FLORAL CHIFFON DRESS.

(click on the link to view this dress in their online store)

Full body shot, taken at the Ecoba Grand Launch Party.

Honestly speaking, I had a tough time deciding on which to pick. I asked many people for opinions and critics on my shortlisted items (I had like more than ten, seriously) and one by one helped by adding more items to the list omg lol.

When I finally came down to this dress, I was a lil concerned. On the sizes and of course, the quality and so on. Rumours constantly fly about the quality of online shopping products and how the size of the items differ from what they looked so that was when I got a lil skeptical.

But what I can say about the items from this online boutique is .. I was impressed. Impressed by the quality of the material and the finishing details. The only thing I need to be careful of was the size, because size M fits me perfectly while I initially thought I was size S. Lucky me.

Another full shot of myself, elite photographer Andy Kho and Sarah Low.

The back of the dress.

A close-up shot. Note how the details of the dress, especially the ruffled part and elasticised waist, was impressively done.

And last but not least, a picture with my favourite photographer Andy Kho. All pictures are credited to him and his skill and his huge-ass camera :)

Do not hesitate to give this store a try, because I was honestly impressed by it. Plus, their shipping rate is as low as $ 7.95! Worth it, if you ask me :)

Another great deal offered by is that all readers are entitled to a whopping 15% discount simply by using the offer code CCBLOG15.

Happy shopping! Loves ~


Anonymous said...

Girl, you looked awesome in that dress. Very different from your usual style. A good difference =)

Kah Yin said...

Hi Erica! Good choice! Anyways, how long does it takes for the dress to arrive at ur doorstep? :)

eRiCa said...

Anonymous: :) thanks. Many credits to the dress hehe.

KahYin: Mine took about 4 days? But I think on average it takes about 4-5 days. Not a very long wait :)

Charles said...

Beautiful dress and you know Andy Kho too?


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