Friday, October 29, 2010

Heat Came

I feel like writing something other than food tasting or the fashion shows and launching events. I feel like expressing my feelings in here, out loud but here I am, typing away for a good two minutes or so, rambling on and on with no solid point.

Writer’s block.

Work wise, yea I’m obviously more independent now, thanks to my colleague who left for job attachment for one good year. I’m not complaining. In fact, I felt somewhat appreciative because I’m learning a lot, although still blur but less already.

I went through a series of embarrassing events simply because I didn’t know how to explain myself well. It’s like, I requested for A but the way I put it sounds as though the thing I requested was ridiculous. Those kinda stuff. Need to work on that.

I’ll be away for almost the entire month of November for my bro’s convo (and also to steal this opportunity to tour Europe). No work load (yes!) but I now have LOADS to prepare so that whoever’s backing me up would know how to take over my role for two weeks plus.

Budget for quality souvenirs have been allocated only to those whom I owed tonnes, and the majority are my colleagues. Only 7 names. Sorry la I’m broke. This Euro trip almost killed me :(

Have to save some to get some designer stuff for myself also.

When it comes to social life, I’m sure those who knew me before and after I get myself involved in this would have noticed the late nights (from FB pictures) and my different wardrobe of late. I started attending events and all when I moved to PJ, very much thanks to Timmo. I won’t deny I felt very much out of place in the first few events I attended and the turning point was the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party in August whereby I met a lot of people and even appeared in The Star papers (I don’t look nice in it though) despite me feeling exactly like shit (I was unwell. Popped two panadols and off I went).

Then I joined a group of bloggers deemed Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers, created by Timmo. He’s our babysitter. Since then I’ve been pretty occupied going for food tasting and launches and grand openings and the list goes on and on.

And my favourite photographer made me his brand ambassador. Very, very flattering. I still couldn’t understand why I was chosen but I’m not complaining :)

Personal life. What is there to say I don’t really know. I just felt very helpless because one, I don’t like to make decisions and two, I suck at handling complicated situations. But anyway, at this very moment, Aaron and I are good, relationships with my own family’s cool and so are the relationship with my working colleagues. What’s left complicated I wonder .. Is there any in the first place?

Going off to the airport in about an hour’s time.

Random ramblings. Heat came. Peace out.

P/S: Relevant pictures will be up on this entry on Sunday. Just realize I don't really like my blog to be too wordy.


Shwu Fei said...

I like to read your words, i mean the way you express your life with words...although ur post with a lot of photo are nice also but reading your post which is wordy can feel...peace...even though just a simple update...hehe...

Emily said...

Know what?! I dont care how long you'll be leaving to tour Europe. You better come back with souvenir for me! Thats the most important thangggggg! Geddit?!