Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm A Realist, Not An Idealist

It has been so long since I last rant on my blog. The recent posts had been mostly on food reviews, travels, events and how much I missed him :)

Recently I came across some rather interesting stuff. Stuff which gives me a whole lot of excuse to rant and be emo about.

Housemate found a brochure on what's happening in Zouk in the month of October and gave it to me. I took a look at it and less than a minute later, I flip it into my dustbin. He was surprised and said "Now that I've stayed with u for a few months, you appeared to be different from what they said".

Now that intrigued me. I got so damn curious I started poking him to elaborate. Apparently, I held this wild-party-girl reputation back in my university. A girl who was playful and wild who manipulated guys for own benefit.

Now, now. Where did all this come from? As far as I could recall, although I skipped a lot of classes, I hardly partied. I started joining my friends to clubs only in my third and final year. Even so, I went like probably at most 5 times in one semester (5 months).

And I think I knew how to set my priorities right. I did pretty well in my studies what! So what was the problem?

Are the people in my university like .. downright nerds and geeks that they regard me as a wild party girl because I went to clubs less than 5 times in 5 months? -_-"

And the fact that I manipulated guys for own benefit. I don't even want to recall one of those who bitched about it. Yea I actually knew exactly one person who actually got pissed at my senior for helping me and bitched about it. Like .. WTH? I wasn't so cool about it at first (that was about 2 years ago) but I decided to just shrug it off and just be nice. But now that this issue was brought up, I realized this person is one hell of a dangerous person to be nice to. I think I shall keep my distance from now on.

Anyway, I think it's plain ridiculous. Was it my coloured hair when I first stepped into university? Or was it my look and aura whatever shit I exert? Blah.

Another thought I had was on marriage.

"When are u getting married?"
"You both know each other so long ady it's time."

We started like half a year ago only what ..

Then, came a few winning lines like ..

"You're still on the lookout izit?"
"When you're in a relationship, you have to look far. Don't get into one without having the intention to stay with him for long."


Just because I answered "See how it goes. Follow the flow. No point forcing it if it's not meant to be."?

I mean. No one can see the future. We can only hope things would turn out the way we hoped for by doing our best and that's all that matters. I don't want to say "Yes, I'll marry him and yes we will live happily ever after", instead, I'll say "I will hold on to this as long as I could".

Makes more sense, no? I'm a realist, not an idealist.

*rant rant rant

Okay enough of ranting for the day. Have a great weekend yo! Splash party at Luna Bar tomorrow ~


Tze Ling said...

Oh well, don't let ppl who don't matter bring u down. U knw UTP ppl like to simply gossip ler...So don't care bt them. I oso v sien when ppl ask me when am I getting married. Diff ppl hav diff opinion on tat but some ppl just to kacau u wif that quest. So ignore those n cheer up :)

Anonymous said...


*Small~Boar* said...

coz u too pretty dy, ppl tend to gossip ^o^

Anonymous said...

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