Saturday, November 6, 2010 - Meghan Lace Camisole

Many, many credits to for all the pretty dresses and top (read here, here and here) and last but not the least,

I saved this pretty lacey green top just to wear it in a park because of its colour. Loved how the green shade blends in with nature.

The V-neck style with well-done lace details at neckline was what made me picked this top among the other designs.

I got Aaron to help me with the shots
till he got pissed
luckily he's patient enough to deal with a fussy person ..

Like me, but only when it comes to taking pictures :)

This is the last time I'm gonna do this but ..

15% discount on all store items by keying in the code CCBLOG15! Shipping fee costs as low as $ 7.95 only so quick quick visit ~ - Leah Camisole

Third item in the cart - Leah Camisole by

(I must have purchased the final piece cause I couldn't locate the item in their online store. This is one damn hot item)

Standing in front of Skewers, Subang Avenue Shopping Complex. I paired the camisole top with my favourite baggy jeans.

Andy's Mango Margarita. Very nice!

With talented singer/dancer Sarah Low.

By keying in the code CCBLOG15, you're entitled to a 15% discount on any of their items in their online boutique

Shipping fee is as low as $ 7.95 ~

My verdict on this piece - Material wise, excellent. Even Andy complimented on how the material falls and fits my body so well it kinda compliments my figure BUT I think it would be better if I had taken one size bigger maybe?

What say you?

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Path Less Taken

Many, many years ago, I came across a path less taken (at least by boring people like me who didn't dare take risks).

It was clean and clearcut .. direct and not very doubtful. Or so it seems. Or so I thought.

As I inched towards the fork, the steps taken later made me realize. And I drew a conclusion.

Wisdom and experience never fails. I lost the battle.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - Body Con LBD

A continuation of the blog post which featured the floral dress by, what I'm about to show now features a more sophisticated dress. Quality, again, is undebatable so no fret to those who are interested to give this a try.

Read the first part of this blog series to see the selecting process I went through and concerns I had :)

With elite photographer Andy Kho at Belvedere DKNY Fashion Meets Music Party. I paired this hot little black dress with fishnet stokings! A good accessory to the dress? :) ~

It looks like a simple black dress which can be obtained at just any boutiques but my attention was caught on a few interesting details on the dress.

Notice how it has ruched bust detail in front and gold bead detail at both the shoulder straps.

Also, one of the main reasons I settled on this dress was how the straps were designed. I don't come across such dress very often I was smitten by it almost instantly!

With shipping fee as low as $ 7.95, I really do think the dresses are of fair value. Visit their online store now and get an impressive discount of 15% simply by keying in the code CCBLOG15!

So now that I've presented both dresses by (both are of excellent quality I kid you not), which do you prefer?

The sugary sweet Bethany Floral Chiffon Dress ..


The sexy stunning Body Con LBD? :)

Picture credits to Andy Kho, Tim Chew and Alex Lye.