Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ClubCouture.cc - Body Con LBD

A continuation of the blog post which featured the floral dress by ClubCouture.cc, what I'm about to show now features a more sophisticated dress. Quality, again, is undebatable so no fret to those who are interested to give this a try.

Read the first part of this blog series to see the selecting process I went through and concerns I had :)

With elite photographer Andy Kho at Belvedere DKNY Fashion Meets Music Party. I paired this hot little black dress with fishnet stokings! A good accessory to the dress? :) ~

It looks like a simple black dress which can be obtained at just any boutiques but my attention was caught on a few interesting details on the dress.

Notice how it has ruched bust detail in front and gold bead detail at both the shoulder straps.

Also, one of the main reasons I settled on this dress was how the straps were designed. I don't come across such dress very often I was smitten by it almost instantly!

With shipping fee as low as $ 7.95, I really do think the dresses are of fair value. Visit their online store now and get an impressive discount of 15% simply by keying in the code CCBLOG15!

So now that I've presented both dresses by ClubCouture.cc (both are of excellent quality I kid you not), which do you prefer?

The sugary sweet Bethany Floral Chiffon Dress ..


The sexy stunning Body Con LBD? :)

Picture credits to Andy Kho, Tim Chew and Alex Lye.


Anonymous said...

smokin' hot in the black piece

melmonica said...

Of course the LBD. Cheerios~

Alan said...

cool pictures..all the best..