Monday, December 27, 2010

A Fork

Have any of you been in a situation where you were caught in between and had no idea how to move forward? Cause .. either fork had its plus and minus and you just didn’t know how to decide which outweighed which?

I have.

And trust me, it sucks.

It’s like .. I know I need to make a decision quick but due to circumstances, I couldn’t .. despite me knowing the longer I drag, the more undesirable the outcome would be.

All I need is courage. I think so. I know so.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


What can I say. The right event at the right time. Sid’s Pub at Bukit Tunku threw an awesome picnic-like event on a warm, chillaxing (a fusion word for chilling + relaxing) Sunday when most of us were already in the Christmas mood despite it being organized a week early.

Food and drinks were offered at a heavily discounted prices. Where in the world do you get Guinness Draught for RM 5 and Strongbow Cider for RM 15, right?!

There were burgers, kebabs, hotdogs, chicken drumsticks, sweet corns and this and that, ALL at reasonable prices, SERIOUSLY.

Myself, the nottie blogger and gaming blogger Ashley (top) together with the MHB founder Tim and elite photographer Andy, were all entertained by performances by a live band. The songstress was really good. Her voice was so pleasant to the ears the outcome of all her Christmas renditions turned out superbly well.

We were also greeted by the famous magician Zlwin Chew who successfully made all of us stared at him in awe each time he pulled a magic trick.

After several tricks ... See how excited I got.

A pic with magician Zlwin Chew.

There's definitely more of this to come. Just make sure you look out for this event next year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Count My 2010 Blessings

Christmas is just 3 days away. New year’s barely 10 days away.

Dear Santa, it’s been a blessing year and I’ve been a good girl (I think) but I’d like to count my blessings throughout the year 2010 before I reveal my ultimate Christmas wish..

I graduated and enrolled into PETRONAS. Despite the 10-year bond, I’d like to think it’s a blessing in disguise thank you very muchie.

The opportunity to constantly travel to East Malaysia (for free) for work purposes. I honestly think Miri is a great place and Mirians have great hospitality trait i.e. Jonathan Chia and Tze Ling. Appreciate it!

Joined the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers founded by Timmo. I personally wouldn’t classify myself as ‘hot’ but .. nevermind.

Fashion sense moved from tank top and jeans and flip flops to dresses and fishnets and killer heels. The picture below says it all :)

Attended my first huge event – Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, which led to a breakthrough in my life. Met Namewee, Reshmonu, Datuk Jimmy Choo and many other famous (and infamous) peeps.

Attended my second huge event – Hennessy Artistry 2010 biggest party ever, which got me hooked onto the song “What You Waiting For” by Mizz Nina feat. Colby O’donis.

The opportunity to participate in food reviews. This is conspe .. I mean, confirm 110% a blessing. Good food and great company. What more could I ask for?

Had my first Chao Taufu (Smelly Taufu), many thanks to Crystal Hew and Eric Chan -_-

I met (and hugged) Henry Golding! Okay ignore me I’m star-struck.

Toured Switzerland and 6 European countries. It burnt a damn huge hole in my pockets but every single time I looked at the pictures, I felt it was very worth it.

I also got someone to sponsor me a Gucci tote. Love!

Received more Christmas pressies this year! :D One was sent from a faraway land, all the way to KLCC, while the most useful one being the iPhone and iPhone mobile charger. The iPhone is not exactly a Christmas gift (since I received it about 2 months ago) but I’d like to think it is :)

I’m a happy kid.

Such an awesome year is coming to an end.

Okay so what do I want for Christmas, a common question asked as Christmas draws closer.

Despite all the blessings, I actually wish I could turn back time and do things a little differently. That way, my life would be a lot simpler than it is now.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! And a Happy 2011! :)

Sign off.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hoofed. Non-halal. Be warned.

Hoofed is a non-halal restaurant located in the quaint surroundings of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail or more commonly known as TTDI.

Cosy interior.

Was surprised to notice they have a wide range of drinks available there.

And when I mentioned non-halal, I mean it. It has a wide array of pork dishes dubbed to be the highlight of their food menu, namely the Roast Pork Belly and the Roasted Suckling Pig (Hog on a Board)!

Roast Pork Belly (RM 17.90)

Roasted Suckling Pig aka Hog on a Board (Half: RM 90; Whole RM 170)

Those two dishes were UMMM UMMMMMMMMM if you know what I mean. No words could describe how sinfully good they were.

We had three different soups to start with – The Roasted Tomato Soup (RM 7). Very rich in combinations of sweet and sour flava. It’s either you love it or hate it. I love it!

The Roasted Tomato Soup (RM 7)

The Onion Soup (RM 8) served with a thick layer of melted cheese on the top.

Didn’t really fancy this somehow. I’m not a fan of onions to begin with.

And the Oxtail Soup (RM 15) served with puffed pastry on top. I’d say the puffed pastry saved this. The soup itself was somewhat mediocre. Pastry dipped in oxtail soup is definitely a go!

We also had some greens and fish to balance out all the rich stuff in store for us.

The Smoked Duck Salad (RM 18). Love it! Generous portion of duck meat :D

Chilean Sea Bass (RM 40) served with risotto is a definite must-try!

And for the final main, the Braised Lamb Shank (RM 40.90). Superbly tender. The meat literally falls off the bone I kid you not.

And when it comes to dessert – The part where no girls would say “I’m too full for this”.

The cold (top) and warm Bananarama (RM 12.30).

Chantelle’s an obvious fan of the cold one. The warm one was a tad too salty for any of our liking.

The Pavlova (RM 7.90). Average. 

The Brownie A La Mode (RM 12.90). My favourite dessert of the lot! Extremely sinful too.

The very raw group of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers – Sarah, Chantelle and myself flanked by MHB’s founder Tim Chew and Ernest, one of Hoofed’s partners. Many thanks for being such a gracious host (and feeding us with sinfully good food).

Hoofed opens from 5pm to midnight on Mondays to Saturdays.

Hoofed is located at 18A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur and is above the famous Tom, Dick and Harry’s. For reservations call +603 77288567 or Shawn at 012-6510852.

Monday, December 13, 2010

December 2010 Splash Party at Luna Bar

This time, I donned a long blue sundress. Nice or not? :)

With Andy who shaved his head minutes before going to Luna Bar lol.

I think only these two photos are okay for public viewing. The rest were .. umm .. nevermind :|

Picture credits

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I do, I do!

My friend's sis recently entered her infant son into this competition organized by The Picture Company Malaysia. Check out their Facebook page la. Many cute babies there but I personally think the one below fares far ahead.

Not cause I'm biased lor okay. Cis.

When I first saw him I thought he's of a mixed parentage lol.

So anyway, hope you guys don't mind spending a bit of your time to help his mom out (this baby doesn't even know how to say 'Ma' yet but is already in the running for a prize lol) by going to their Ho-Ho-Ho Christmas Contest album, or just click here.

Baby Eiji Zachary Lye is in picture number 15 out of 32.

Vote, vote, vote ya people. Vote for the cute baby :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I get annoyed whenever people commented me and a girl (no names ok) looked alike. Very, very annoyed.

First of all, NO WE DO NOT LOOK ALIKE! IT'S THE HAIR OKAY! It's just the hair. Thousands of girls have got long straight dark hair so TAKKAN I looked like them JUST BECAUSE OF THE HAIR?!

Secondly, she was (dunno still is or not) a two-faced backstabber whom I refused to get associated with .. sometimes no choice have to talk and be nice to her but I'll keep my distance at that.

Thirdly, because of that, I do not want to be associated with her in any way. Later kena stabbed again for no apparent reason.

And fourth, WE DO NOT FREAKING LOOK ALIKE! Not even 1% okay -_-"

I also find it insulting that they commented so hmph.