Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Count My 2010 Blessings

Christmas is just 3 days away. New year’s barely 10 days away.

Dear Santa, it’s been a blessing year and I’ve been a good girl (I think) but I’d like to count my blessings throughout the year 2010 before I reveal my ultimate Christmas wish..

I graduated and enrolled into PETRONAS. Despite the 10-year bond, I’d like to think it’s a blessing in disguise thank you very muchie.

The opportunity to constantly travel to East Malaysia (for free) for work purposes. I honestly think Miri is a great place and Mirians have great hospitality trait i.e. Jonathan Chia and Tze Ling. Appreciate it!

Joined the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers founded by Timmo. I personally wouldn’t classify myself as ‘hot’ but .. nevermind.

Fashion sense moved from tank top and jeans and flip flops to dresses and fishnets and killer heels. The picture below says it all :)

Attended my first huge event – Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, which led to a breakthrough in my life. Met Namewee, Reshmonu, Datuk Jimmy Choo and many other famous (and infamous) peeps.

Attended my second huge event – Hennessy Artistry 2010 biggest party ever, which got me hooked onto the song “What You Waiting For” by Mizz Nina feat. Colby O’donis.

The opportunity to participate in food reviews. This is conspe .. I mean, confirm 110% a blessing. Good food and great company. What more could I ask for?

Had my first Chao Taufu (Smelly Taufu), many thanks to Crystal Hew and Eric Chan -_-

I met (and hugged) Henry Golding! Okay ignore me I’m star-struck.

Toured Switzerland and 6 European countries. It burnt a damn huge hole in my pockets but every single time I looked at the pictures, I felt it was very worth it.

I also got someone to sponsor me a Gucci tote. Love!

Received more Christmas pressies this year! :D One was sent from a faraway land, all the way to KLCC, while the most useful one being the iPhone and iPhone mobile charger. The iPhone is not exactly a Christmas gift (since I received it about 2 months ago) but I’d like to think it is :)

I’m a happy kid.

Such an awesome year is coming to an end.

Okay so what do I want for Christmas, a common question asked as Christmas draws closer.

Despite all the blessings, I actually wish I could turn back time and do things a little differently. That way, my life would be a lot simpler than it is now.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! And a Happy 2011! :)

Sign off.


Anonymous said...

i particularly like the guardian angel :p

Anonymous said...

wow...someone gave u a iphone and a external battery pack eh. that person must put u very close to his heart.