Monday, December 27, 2010

A Fork

Have any of you been in a situation where you were caught in between and had no idea how to move forward? Cause .. either fork had its plus and minus and you just didn’t know how to decide which outweighed which?

I have.

And trust me, it sucks.

It’s like .. I know I need to make a decision quick but due to circumstances, I couldn’t .. despite me knowing the longer I drag, the more undesirable the outcome would be.

All I need is courage. I think so. I know so.


Anonymous said...

Depends on what you are talking about.

If it is work, then choose the one that will give you the most returns in the long run and not short term gratification i.e higher salary. Use your head for this.

If it is romantic, then choose the one that your hearts yearns for. Use ur heart for this reason.

If it is anything else, I really don't know then.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

So you are in a fork,
How serious is this fork,
If not, just don't give a fork,
And go back to eating pork.

Emily Yee said...

Sometimes we just need someone to tell us that it's gonna be ok.

Anonymous said...

js follow whatever ur heart tells you- but not for short term! we all go through this and i know what ur talking about trust me!! ur future matters most and if u tink the other person can provide u happiness in long run then yes else u know what girl- b ghappy with what u have! u r bored maybe but think bout it- u can change that! depending on how badly u want it!!!! trust me- all thngs usually come to an end which result to bad ending at first but if u lose it then u might regret it :) u nv appreciatte it only when its gone believe me :) so make a wise choice and not because u need to for the sake of other parties! not worth it girl trust!