Saturday, December 11, 2010


I get annoyed whenever people commented me and a girl (no names ok) looked alike. Very, very annoyed.

First of all, NO WE DO NOT LOOK ALIKE! IT'S THE HAIR OKAY! It's just the hair. Thousands of girls have got long straight dark hair so TAKKAN I looked like them JUST BECAUSE OF THE HAIR?!

Secondly, she was (dunno still is or not) a two-faced backstabber whom I refused to get associated with .. sometimes no choice have to talk and be nice to her but I'll keep my distance at that.

Thirdly, because of that, I do not want to be associated with her in any way. Later kena stabbed again for no apparent reason.

And fourth, WE DO NOT FREAKING LOOK ALIKE! Not even 1% okay -_-"

I also find it insulting that they commented so hmph.


Unknown said...

That's when people trying to play safe. Intend to praise 2 ppl at one time...too bad people don't like it that way. everyone wants to be unique.

Ken Wooi said...

dont post up the picture then?

Jin said...

chilling chilling! :)