Saturday, January 29, 2011

MALAYA OPTICAL: A Place to Zhng My Eyes

I was one of those kids who thought donning glasses were cool stuff. Younger bro was the first to get a pair and I got jealous. I wanted to have four eyes too! Many months after trying so hard squinting my eyes in pretense ahem, I was overjoyed when my tuition teacher asked mom to get my eyes checked.

cute or not?? :p
I was 12 when I was diagnosed with myopia of about -0.75 and -0.50 on my left and right eyes. My pink frameless glasses was my twelfth birthday gift. So darn easy to please a twelve year old.

And that .. was the start to my vanity.
I grew addicted to collecting spectacle frames – dark full/half rimmed, multi-coloured chic full/half rimmed and rimless ones with pink/orange/blue/green coloured tints on the lenses.

Yes, I was that vain. I still thought donning glasses were damn cool till I was fourteen turning fifteen .. when I saw THE boy lol.

I was too young and tomboy-ish to realize glasses can make one look sexy and hot so I took the easy way out – Hello lenses, goodbye glasses!
*blink blink flutter long lashes. Mommy said girls must learn to dress up, be attractive and FEEL attractive <3
I was the first to jump when Malaya Optical invited us MHB babes (and not to forget the dudes) for a visit at their branch in Damansara Uptown.
MHB babes with Malaya Optical owner Ryan Ho
Famous local celebrity Amber Chia was spotted when we arrived
The well-known eye stylist, Ryan Ho spent some time sharing the basic knowledge on eye care and tear, and different eyewear i.e. glasses, sunnies and contact lenses.
He must be the most buffed optometrist I'd ever met!
I was set on sunnies hunting that day cause I find it really useful to hide my eye bags and panda rings protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays and whatnot, especially when I go beaching so often.
Testing out a Fossil sunnies
I must say, I was very, very impressed by the range of sunnies available at Malaya Optical. You name it, they have it .. you know what I mean :)
With the professional cum MHB official photographer Andy Kho
The happy faces showing complimentary detailed eye check vouchers. Thank you Malaya Optical! Just what I needed so badly lol.
I returned to Malaya Optical for a long list of various, fancy eye test - a complimentary service by Malaya Optical.
Donned in my old Mango sunnies
I was attended by a friendly optometrist, who was patient in giving a elaborated eye lesson 101. At least I now know how dangerous Glaucoma is.
The eye profile showed my moving eye ball btw. Scary or not haha
I started off with an overall general eye pre-test, which this complimentary service is available at any optical store. That machine showed a -2.25 and -2.75 myopia at my right and left eyes. Ouch.

Fellow optometrist and I then proceeded to a manual but more detailed test. Complimentary service also available at simply any optical store.

While conducting the eye test, he continued to share about the human eye. This manual test concluded that I had myopia of -2.50 at both eyes. I shouldn't be celebrating but at least it's very convenient for coloured contact lenses yay!! :D

Mommy once said not to use the computer for too long/read books while lying down/watch TV dramas for hours. Taubat ady I've learnt me lesson sob sob.

The one thing which was not complimentary offered in all optical store was the test to screen for asymptotic eye disease
Glaucoma - blindness due to impingement of blood veins. Basically people with high blood pressure are prone to this eye disease.
Sensing the short and sudden puff of air from the machine - A way to test for Glaucoma
Average people have eye ball pressure of 10 - 20 I think. Mine was 11 and 12 in both eyes :D
I left Malaya Optical with a light mood, knowing my eyes are in good condition and are well-taken care, many thanks to the professional consultation by Malaya Optical.

TRY not to take your eyes for granted ya people! You wouldn't wanna end up wearing sunnies when you are blind!

I honestly think I looked like a freaking housefly in that -_-
To those looking for a wide range of sunnies/geeky looking spectacles designs to choose from, or those who want to get a recognized professional eye service, do drop by Malaya Optical. You won't be disappointed!

Malaya Optical for an appointment (they are a bunch of busy people but are never hesitant to attend to you) at 03 - 7728 0228 or visit their webpage for more information!

P/S: I'm going there again after CNY to reward myself with a pair of sunnies - a gift to start the new decade! Many loves ~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nagomi's CNY & VDAY Special

Festive season became one of the priorities of the society nowadays. Chinese New Year deco is yet to be fully set up when I got to know about Nagomi’s Valentine Lover’s Bento & CNY Sashimi Yee Sang.
It was a tad too early but curiosity got into me and next I knew, I arrived at Nagomi at Jaya33, all hyped up about this special menu.
The Lover's Bento

The Lover’s Bento consists of several interesting Japanese dish. The one which first caught my attention was the Rose Shape Sashimi, beautifully presented on a large scallop shell.
Three rose sashimi to denote ‘I Love You’ and one cheeky dude asked why not make it FIVE rose sashimi to denote ‘I Love You VERY MUCH’. LoL.
Next to it was the Love Sushi Roll. This relatively large heart shape sushi has avocado and strawberry in it. I don’t know about u but strawberry in my sushi is something very new to me but surprisingly, the combination was pretty good.
The huge Grilled King Prawns served with white sauce on it were good as well but in my opinion this particular dish still has room for improvements. I had a hard time de-shelling one prawn probably cause it wasn’t that fresh. But the other one was awesome.
Soba Soft Shell Crab Salada. This I like! I’m a fan of soba and soft shell crab and it was a huge plus point when both were served together.
This is Suzuki Senbei – Homemade seabass crispy cracker. The crispier, the better.

Overall, my favourite was the Soba Soft Shell Crab Salada. The orangy homemade Miso Dressing Sauce gives a positive change to the traditional standard way of eating soba. A good difference indeed.
The Lover’s Bento also includes a serving of Chocolate Cheese Brownie from the famous Dessert’s Bar.

Before you start getting headache on what and how to celebrate this coming Valentine’s, Nagomi’s one good dining place to consider to surprise your loved ones with a sumptuous meal in a romantic ambiance. Lover’s Bento’s available only from 11th – 14th February 2011.

How many of you ‘loued’ yee sang already? My first lou-ing yee sang this year was at Nagomi’s!
Nagomi’s offering CNY Sashimi Yee Sang in a portion for 2 and 6 people. It is served with 4 different types of sashimi – Salmon, Tuna, Amberjack and Seabass – and Nagomi’s special homemade sauce and freshly made ingredients. Available from now onwards till the 20th of February 2011.
More money, more money! Nice skin, nice skin! Burberry bag Burberry bag! Loyal, caring and rich man, rich man, rich man, rich man!! =P
Partners in crime:
These two special offers are only available during the period mentioned at the following outlets:

- Nagomi Jaya 33 [03-79562330]
- Nagomi Hap Seng [03-21416332]

Saturday, January 15, 2011


BEHOLD!!!! The final destination! *insert suspense song*. We are SO close to the ending of the race, we can smell it! Can’t wait for the race to end and for the organizers to announce the results!! The guys are in serious desperation, and in need for a new replacement for their prehistoric mobile phones. THE HEAT IS ON! Everyone of us feel like A-team, full of action and always on the run!
Updates? Here you go:
- One by one getting stressed, but still in high spirits and enthusiasm.
- Yong Hsin broke all the road rules according to Akta Pengangkutan.
- Erica got blister on her foot due to the running.
- Shi En has a face expression ala Gordon Ramsey … still haven’t called anyone a donkey yet.
- The Myvi is still in once piece man.

- After half day throughout the race, only wanna on the radio… let the music heal our soul!

Finally! A fine dining restaurant with a super cozy and air-conditioned atmosphere. Perfect restaurant to finish the finale of the race! Woah man…. Restaurant fine dancing concept that serves Malaysian and Indonese delicacies, with jazz music as the background. Chill out stylo milo.
RICE – Nasi putih and nasi kunyit. The rice served is fluffy, and the nasi kunyit is especially fragrant… goes well together.
AYAM PANGGANG – Roasted chicken with black sauce. Chicken was nicely roasted, and the black sauce nicely caramelized and coated on the chicken. Great dish to go with your nasi-nasi!
DANCING FISH – Look at that! Looks like the fish dancing…like, danced into a big pot of hot oil to be fried and be finally served to us…haha! Check out that colour, fried to perfection! The fish is super crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. Deep fried to the point that you can eat the bone like eating muruku. The presentation itself is a wonder piece of conversation.
ICE-CREAM – Strawberry and durian ice cream. The strawberry ice cream is sweet and slightly sour, just like real strawberries. Same goes for the durian.. quite smooth actually and not too strong.
LEMONGRASS JELLY WITH SOUR PLUM BURST – The name sounds so yeng wei…this dessert is sumthing new to us. The jelly has a tangy fruity flavor that melts in your mouth. The sour plum balls explodes in your mouth, giving a delightful burst of flavours that mixes well with the jelly. We want more please!

Lot T120, T121 & T122
285, Jalan Maarof, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tel: 03-2095 6663
Verdict: Real cozy ambience to chill, with a fine-dining concept without break your wallet.


The rest of the team are:


Awwwwwww Yeah! Finished a hearty meal of satay, and now, Boom Boom Pau is ready for the next destination! We’re still ‘filling’ energized.


The clue for next destination is getting tricker and tricker
Some of the freethinkers start believing in God to bless them for this race
Everyone starting to have their ‘game face’ on baby!

4th Destination – THAI BASE RESTAURANT

AaRRGGGH! FINALLY! Thai food on the go babeh! Izzit just us, or we think the food is getting spicier and spicier as we get near to completion? =.= Thai Base Restaurant is located in Bandar Sri Damansara, and this the first time we’ve heard of this place. The ambience here is kinda Thai-Oriental style wei..
THAI-STYLE CHICKEN RICE – Wah lau… spiciest dish we tasted so far. Generous servings of chicken in spicy gravy served with fragrant rice. Shi En the professional food-taster said it has turmeric, lemon grass, dried chilli, long beans, serai leaves, with a hint of zesty lime. THAT is Thailand on a plate!
PORTUGESE STYLE GRILLED SEAFOOD – My goodness we enjoyed this dish so much we almost forgot our drivers’ name. Prawns are huge, succulent, and fresh. Served with ladies finger, the sauce that accompanies this dish is slightly spicy and rich. Hey! The Melaka boys said that this dish reminds them of the seafood in Portugese Settlement wei. “All these food makes me miss Melaka so much”.
HAILAM MEE – The noodles are MIND BLASTING *imitates Russell Peters*! It has a very springy consistency, not over-cooked, just the way we like it. Surprisingly the sauce is a little sweet and savoury at the same time… not too thick as well. Garnished with crispy fried shallots. We believe a good noodle meal consists of the perfect marriage of the noodle and the sauce… and this dish definitely already married for many years and lived happily ever after. OK we’re exaggerating, but you get the point.
DESSERTS – Assortments of durian cake, tartlet, custard puff and agar-agar pudding. We especially love durian cake… VERY soft, light, and, melt-in-your-mouth texture, with a generous layer of durian cream. Love this to the maximum limit! We asked if we can tapau the durian cake, but the waiter jokingly said will deduct points from our team =.=! Not cool!
No, 7-1 (1st floor), Jalan Tanjung SD 13/2,
Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Selangor
Tel: 03-6275 2284

Verdict: A nice place to have a hearty Thai-style dinner with friends and family. Don’t forget to order durian cake for desserts


The rest of the team are:

Shi En
Yong Hsin


Deng!! What a day it has been so far! After running around trying to compete with the teams, we feel slightly exhausted, but still thinking positive and not giving up! Power of positive thinking yo!!
Boom Boom Pau: We filling good!

So far the race is awesome… the places we need to visit serves yummy foods, giving us a taste of the culinary adventure we will be experience throughout the journey.

Updates so far:
Donn’s car still intact
Stress level getting higher… but haven’t meletupz yet
Yong braked hard that Erica fell and almost got trapped under the driver’s seat, but still remained cool
Friendship is not broken yet…
We were greeted by the sights of other tired bloggers feasting their @$$ off. Upon arrival, we went upstairs and head striaght first for the sirap ais… very much needed thirst quencher since all of us nearly lost our bodily fluids. Erica was so thirsty she finished the whole glass in one gulp.
Ambience here is very typical Malay type, no fancy pansy pretentious decorations… simple and rustic, not intimadting. Come to think of it, why go all the way to Kajang when they have a good satay restaurant just in Petaling Jaya area?
KAJANG SATAY – A variety of spiced meat consisting of chicken, beef, mutton, and venison. Meaty, slightly sweet, and not too over-spiced to cover the taste of the meat. Damn tasty kajang satay = reward for our blood, sweat, and tears… Lolz!
PEANUT SAUCE – Peanut awesome-sauce! Sate Kajang Hj. Samsuri is well-knowned for their satay sauce…. Rich in peanut flavour, not oily, and we kinda think it’s quite creamy as well! Comes together with a separate bowl of sambal for those who wants to add an extra dash of spiciness in the sauce.
NASI IMPIT – The alternative version of ketupat. More fragrant, moist and fluffy compared to the standard ketupat that is always served everytime.
No. 79 & 79M, Jalan SS21/31
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7710 5318
Verdict: Come here for authentic Kajang satay without the hassle of driving all the way there.