Saturday, January 29, 2011

MALAYA OPTICAL: A Place to Zhng My Eyes

I was one of those kids who thought donning glasses were cool stuff. Younger bro was the first to get a pair and I got jealous. I wanted to have four eyes too! Many months after trying so hard squinting my eyes in pretense ahem, I was overjoyed when my tuition teacher asked mom to get my eyes checked.

cute or not?? :p
I was 12 when I was diagnosed with myopia of about -0.75 and -0.50 on my left and right eyes. My pink frameless glasses was my twelfth birthday gift. So darn easy to please a twelve year old.

And that .. was the start to my vanity.
I grew addicted to collecting spectacle frames – dark full/half rimmed, multi-coloured chic full/half rimmed and rimless ones with pink/orange/blue/green coloured tints on the lenses.

Yes, I was that vain. I still thought donning glasses were damn cool till I was fourteen turning fifteen .. when I saw THE boy lol.

I was too young and tomboy-ish to realize glasses can make one look sexy and hot so I took the easy way out – Hello lenses, goodbye glasses!
*blink blink flutter long lashes. Mommy said girls must learn to dress up, be attractive and FEEL attractive <3
I was the first to jump when Malaya Optical invited us MHB babes (and not to forget the dudes) for a visit at their branch in Damansara Uptown.
MHB babes with Malaya Optical owner Ryan Ho
Famous local celebrity Amber Chia was spotted when we arrived
The well-known eye stylist, Ryan Ho spent some time sharing the basic knowledge on eye care and tear, and different eyewear i.e. glasses, sunnies and contact lenses.
He must be the most buffed optometrist I'd ever met!
I was set on sunnies hunting that day cause I find it really useful to hide my eye bags and panda rings protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays and whatnot, especially when I go beaching so often.
Testing out a Fossil sunnies
I must say, I was very, very impressed by the range of sunnies available at Malaya Optical. You name it, they have it .. you know what I mean :)
With the professional cum MHB official photographer Andy Kho
The happy faces showing complimentary detailed eye check vouchers. Thank you Malaya Optical! Just what I needed so badly lol.
I returned to Malaya Optical for a long list of various, fancy eye test - a complimentary service by Malaya Optical.
Donned in my old Mango sunnies
I was attended by a friendly optometrist, who was patient in giving a elaborated eye lesson 101. At least I now know how dangerous Glaucoma is.
The eye profile showed my moving eye ball btw. Scary or not haha
I started off with an overall general eye pre-test, which this complimentary service is available at any optical store. That machine showed a -2.25 and -2.75 myopia at my right and left eyes. Ouch.

Fellow optometrist and I then proceeded to a manual but more detailed test. Complimentary service also available at simply any optical store.

While conducting the eye test, he continued to share about the human eye. This manual test concluded that I had myopia of -2.50 at both eyes. I shouldn't be celebrating but at least it's very convenient for coloured contact lenses yay!! :D

Mommy once said not to use the computer for too long/read books while lying down/watch TV dramas for hours. Taubat ady I've learnt me lesson sob sob.

The one thing which was not complimentary offered in all optical store was the test to screen for asymptotic eye disease
Glaucoma - blindness due to impingement of blood veins. Basically people with high blood pressure are prone to this eye disease.
Sensing the short and sudden puff of air from the machine - A way to test for Glaucoma
Average people have eye ball pressure of 10 - 20 I think. Mine was 11 and 12 in both eyes :D
I left Malaya Optical with a light mood, knowing my eyes are in good condition and are well-taken care, many thanks to the professional consultation by Malaya Optical.

TRY not to take your eyes for granted ya people! You wouldn't wanna end up wearing sunnies when you are blind!

I honestly think I looked like a freaking housefly in that -_-
To those looking for a wide range of sunnies/geeky looking spectacles designs to choose from, or those who want to get a recognized professional eye service, do drop by Malaya Optical. You won't be disappointed!

Malaya Optical for an appointment (they are a bunch of busy people but are never hesitant to attend to you) at 03 - 7728 0228 or visit their webpage for more information!

P/S: I'm going there again after CNY to reward myself with a pair of sunnies - a gift to start the new decade! Many loves ~


Ju Zie said...

i used to think glasses were cool too.. silly kid.. ahaks!!

Anonymous said...

your description on glaucoma is totally way off.
1. it's not necessarily asymtomatic
2. it's not a pathology of the blood veins
3. it has nothing to do with blood pressure